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Full text of "St. Louis Argus, March 30, 1917"

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Official Organ of the Supreme Lodge Committee Knights of Pythias N. A., S. A., E. A. A. & A. 

She 0t Cants Sirgns 

VOL. V. NO. 50 

9T. LOOK, MO., BMMX MARCH 30, M7. 



Democratic Charge of Un- Americanism, Increases Mayor's Popularity 


Large Picture of New Building Will Be Shown. Mr; A. 
E. Melone Will Preside. Hear Dr. E. Combie Smith 
On "The Price of Achievement." Mr. Frank L. 
William., Dr. W. L. Perry and Others Who Have Labor- 
ed For The Y. M. C. A. Will Speak. Beet Mueic. 
Gnat Meeting. AH Laval Citizen* Will Be There- 

■ tremendous success. Mr. A. EL Mi- 
tone will b* the presiding officer. fiav. 
8, W. Parr will lead in prayer. Sorip- 
lure will be read by Dr. W, L. Perry, 
of Antioeh Church. Dr. E. Oombie 
Smith will speak on the "Pries of 
Achievement." There will be ■ few 
■hurt, snappy' talks by some lit the team 
worker! sad a large picture of the 
New V. \l C. A. Building u it will 
■land will be oa exhibition and on tbe 
whole It look* like a gnat tune i> in 
stote tar the- public of at, Loot-, ^af) I 
Tbe meeting will be held promptly at 
4:00 o'clock at Metropolitan A. M. ■ E. 
Z<oa Cbarch, (Ssnison and t.ucaa Ave. 

Nine thousand dollars is tbe goal tor 
the ¥. M. C. A. rally on Sunday and 
from the latere*!' whUb it being shown 
by the citiiens and the team workers, 
it looks like the goal will bf reached. 
At a meeting of the team captain* and 

. campaign committee, held on Wednes- 
day night of t bis week, at the residence 
of Secretary D. D. Jones, 4541 Garfield 
Ave.', another 11,0m was added by the 
team workers and campaign committee, 
to be paid in at the Sunday meeting. 

. Tiia. lanxc* fat JB.»iet-rtaid_*I.WP 
away from -the *SS,m6 mark. 


Adds 310.000 Addition to Her Plant In 

inapolli. Ind. Visits Her N* 

iu( Qnat Bsnsfeetrses to Hsr Race. 

Among the great and s uccessful -busi- 
ness enterprises, the.Mme. C. J. Walker 
Manufacturing- Company, of Indian- 
apolis. In-! . will certainty have to be 
risked among the up-to-date and pro- 
gressive ones. 

The company having outgrown its 
present capacity, will soon be operas 
ing on a much larger scale, a* Madam 
Walker recently purchased additional 
factory site at a cost of ten thousand 
dollar* (»10,000). Thin new addition, 
together with the old factory site will 
not only make one of the greeteit fac- 
tories of its kind in the country, but 
will be an establishment equal In sire 
and modern facilities to moat manufac- 
turing companies in the state of In- 
diana, and the remarkable thing about 
it is, that this remarkable establishment 
is the peodoat of the foresight and akill 
of one of oar oAt* women. 

Ms Jam Walker at this time is tour- 
ing- her native state, Loninsiit, and is 
iieeting srittr great snseees everywhere 

she gee*. 

Madam Walker is not only develop- 
ing a great business for herself, but in 
her famous lecture. "1}ie Negro Woman 
insoiring others to go 
for themselves, and in so 
doint. is proving n great benefactress 
to her race 



The thirty-eighth annual Thanksgiv- 
ing Service of the lodges, courts, uni- 
form rank and juveniles of the Knights 
of Pythias, of 8t, Louis, was held at tbe 
Metropolitan A. M. E. Zion Church last 
Sunday, March S5. 

Promptly at 2:SG p. m. Sergeant 
Lawrence Hawkins, in a few ells-ice re 
marks, introduced Col.-Wm. 11 Hughe*, 
the master of ceremonies, who pro- 
reeded to carry out the regular pro- 
gram. That brilliant orator and gal- 
lant Sir Knight, "w. H. Davis, read tbe 
proclamation issued by O fan d "Chancel- 
lor A. W. Lloyd, while Miss Zfnobin 
Williams read the call issued by Grand 
Worthy Councilor Mrs, Bertha T. 
Buckner. Rev. K. H. Cole, of. tbe Pint 
Baptist Church, delivered tbe annual 

The usual large 'crowd was present, 
several hundred being unable ,to get in- 
side tbe church. 

The last number ori the program 
sprung quite a surprise-to most of those 
present when Col, Hugle<, in a short. 
but passionate .speech proclaimed ohe 
among the daughters of Calanlhe a 
htroine, saying, she had saved the .day 
for the uniform companies by her h.rsvc 
stand wbrn their rights were jeopardised 
it a ret 

Oh Lord create ia ana a eaert. 
To read sad wnta the truth. 

The start, theead.of every part 
BegiaaiBg ia .her youth. 

In eighseea handled sixty ■***•*, 

. In Delta I 

fat* a mother a babe was gii 

Buckner, -who was presented with n 
past wArthy eouneeUor*' jewel, made of 
gold, set with a beautiful diamond. 

The collection was 1100.00 divided aa 
follows; To church, *4>«l; , choir, 
110.00: band for music. •*>.■*>;' Bev. B 
R. Cole, 110.00. 


Sacred scene- from the Holy Land 
will* be given ia picture at Whevtlarr 
Branch Y. W. C. A. Thursday eeening, 
April S, promptly at S o'clock. These 
scenes will be accompanied by narred 
•nags sasa; by a chorus- jf girls Any 
persoas holding tiekels for the pie 
tares oa China and Japan will be ad 
cnitt'd witbaut farther charge. Fee 
nihil i the nilmienl— fas will be tea 
cents. Public is iaviled . 




Author and 
' Socialist, Telia His Hearers at tbe 
Broad Street Theater Other Coun- 
tries Treat Negroes Better Than 
U. S. Unless Keen Prejudices Are 
Ellntpitad, the Volcano on Which 
We An Bitting Will Crumble Soon 

Philadelphia, ' Pa.— Charles Edward 
Runaoll, author and Socialist, praises 
Prance because "the narrow, blind ha- 
tred of race prejudice is unknown 
there." Mr. Basse 11 spoke on :'Kace 
Prejudices" in tbe Broad Street The- 
atre under the auspices of tb'c Socinl- 
iat Literary Society. 

The speaker declared race prejudices 
were rampant ia this country and de- 
cried the tendency of the white race 
to consider itself superior to other races 
of tbe world, , 

This country, he said, was constant- 
ly bungling the Negro problem. He 
denounced Ifcr lynebings' in tbe south 
ecu states, nod added: , 

' '* Unless'-Tato presume r<- arc^eilmi 
natcd In this country the crust of thi 
volcano or which we are sitting will 
give way very soon." ''Frauee," eon 
tinned Mr. Russell, "has given the Nc 
gro true 'citirenship. In Franco liber 
ty. equality and fraternity are not hoi 
low rnockerii-s and empty dream. s In 
the Chamber' of Beputiea hiack men 
ait side by side .with whites. Fr 
has. never deigned tu draw a color line. 

"The Negroes rallied -10' Prance 
colors whoo she was threatened. Bi 
■ hat if we had a war here and needed 
our Negro rilijens! What if, when 
»e called for them, Ihey answered 
truthfully enough: 'You have oppressed 
u; you have killed, our men and women 
and children: you have shown us no 
justice in your, courts; you have tram 
pled us dawn. We will not light for 
ynul' Won bi not the Negro be justi- 
fied! But we know the Negro in bis 
loyalty will fight, for us, despite our 
great injustice to him. There is no. 
national safety for this country except 
in strict adherence to 'liberty-, equal- 
itv and fraternity.' '' 



ing vou to (he front, wbv stand von 
hero" idle! 
_ We want S.lttHi fighting men between 
the ages of I* and 35 of goorl moral 
character to represent our race in the 
defence of oer country. Will you be 
one) If so, then report at once lo our 
headquarters, £73.1 Market Street, and 
give your nasie and address to Waller 
Pesranee, organisation clerk. 

R..B. Watkina,,Orgsn:rer. 

Orphan Home 

At a meeting of the Board of -the 
Directors uf the .St. Loots Colored Or- 
phans' Home, March IT. it wna deeided 
to renew their efforts to collect the 
four hundred dollars necessary tu pay 
fdr the. alley. It hna been tbe hope 
of the Board to gel the money from 
ether sources, but failed. Therefore, 
they are asking four hundred good eili 
seas -to give One dollar each in . nc 
cordaace with the effort made last 
summer to raise the money. J.. E. 
Mitchell, who has charge of this spe- 
cial donation, reports (hat *£• has 
heea collected to' date. Tbe names of 
the donors will be published in the St. 
Louis Argus a* before. 


There will he/* lower service at iV 1 
I'hristisa Spirit** I Char* a. BIT N 
Leoaard Ave, Friday. April », at ■'- 
p. m_, cond*eted by Mr and Mrs Crah- 
•haw. assured by other medium*. Take 
Hodtamoat ear. get aft* at 3300 Praak 
lia aad walk north to >IT V 'Leonard. 

Voters Warned To Vote 

Early. Officials Prom- 
ise Honest Election 


.On nest Tuesday, April 3, St. Louis 
srOl elect a mayor, tump t roller and 
fuurlceo nldcruieji who will servo for 
(OUT years. This will be the first tints 
a. mayor has been chosen umier the 
new city charter. The charter adopted 
ii 1914, made oil city officers appointa- 
tWe cscept the mnyor anil comptroller. 
Acse appaintmruts will be made by 
thai new mayor after the election.. The 
Bret in his hands will be grent, St. 
Isfuis- can ill afford to experiment at 
this time. 

-alayur Henry W. Kiel, the present 
uKnnibent. lias bad two years' experi- 
naee in trying out the new charter, 
tad getting it into working order. He 
hv* wade good. He has succeeded far 
beyond the expectations of nil students 
•I municipal government. He hna 




•slmiuist ration, and has inspired a spirit 
of progressiveness that is at tree I ing 
site attention of the entire country and 
sueans mucb in developing ihe business 
iktetasts of our city. 
f Seventeen of the eighteen pledges of 
£* platform four years ago hav£ been 
rtillv rtirried out during his progres- 
sive and business-like ndininistralinu. 
The platform upon which Mnyor Kiel 
now stands fur re election so thorough 
ly covers all issues of importance that 
the Democratic enrty in opposing him 
lias been compelled lo e,o tu the polls 
nith a platfurni minus sti issue. In i|ca- 
licrntiou. they prefaced their platform 
uith n declaration of loyalty <o the 
llag nnd proceeded to assail the Bj-pub- 
ifcan party and Mayor Kiel for omit- 
ting the clause. Their efforts only 
served as 'a boomerang. Their rharge 
that Xln.vor'Kiel un;l. the republican 
I'-aders were' nol true American ritirens 
has brought indignation from all' good, 
iitixensand the result is thai thousands 
of Dcniocrnls nrc rallying lo his sup- 
port and Uemorrstic cluUs are indorsing 
him. As we go to press indication* arc 
that Mnyor Kiel will be re elected' Tucs- 
ilay by the larjp. h st 'majority ever giicn 
* candidate for the office iii the history 
i<r St. Ijiuis, The entire Kepuhlican 
ticket bids fair '-to gii ever KV big 


Mayor Kiel's |»triotifra, or uf any 
.1 Ihe Kepuhlienn officials. The issue 
hna moused a hitter race hatred and 

h»racter to be pnid for by bund last* 
a order thai- the cost may. he bwn 
.rtly by sucee<-ding generations. 

3. The 

street ear loop. 

4. The ci Tension of railroad facilities 
tu connection with the Krcc Bridge snd 
lha absolute and perpetual freedom 
(rom ehargii of all iraOie uver the Pree 

5. The perfection of river docks, . 

6. An adjustment of the differences 
with the I'nited Kailwnys Cfc, which 
would fully ]<*"tcrt the -rights uf the 
city and secure- * subway and Ihe ei 
tension of line, into newly built tcrri 

T. The abolition of thr special' laie* 
for street sprinkling 

I. A municipal garbage plnnt that 
will end offensive odors. ** 

9. The a.baiemeal of the smoke nuin- 
snes by the enforcement *f reaiinahle 
laws and educational measSb 

10. The extension of' ^ park plny- 
groosds and other recreational fs'ili- 



republican Ticket 





1 Wra. E. Godfrey 

3 W. F. Niedarlbecka 

5 Edword W. Wiehe 

7 Mar Weil 

' 9 Martin D. Lohroen 

11 John A. Fett 

13^ Teylor B. Wyrick 

15 ' Che*. W. Stockhetuem 

17 Wm, C. MeCheeney* 

19 A. H. Niederluecka , 

21 Nathan H. Hell 

. 23 Clinton E. Udell ' 

25 Barney L. Schwartx 

27' Edward Schraniz 

IS. Kiirtter diminution ef grade 

13. Kstensioii of present cUv limits. 

14. Home role Tor St! I.uui< tint hns 
been promised often x nnd as often ue 
>,icd"hy rhe Jlemocratic party 

I,",. Motoriiation of tbe dr.- ifepart- 
nii'iil, city |tlanniug, an 'indu-riijil snr- 
icv. speedy eamuletloa otxhe'Zoo, and 
n free'munief|.al employntenl bureau. 

Mayor Kiei Ha* given the city *_pro. 
grisslvc and bsnjinaM adiHini-tratiun. 
He hn« brought ubout many reforms 
with the single eve In the public good 
an!l enn be coonted upon, at all tinie* 
lo -tsnil for ihe rights of .the jwipjo 
of St. I'.onis. 

The 'tcpol.liean' platform pledges of 
four vcars ago have been fuHllled. In 
the evonl of the election at 1 *(* Re- 
publican candidates, the above platform 
pledges will be earned ant. 

It has bsSta .learned fmni riliahle 
iirre the lie.ooicrats are spemling 
onev lavishly buying up certain so- 
, fled Negro j-ililical leaders for the 
irpose oT inducing Colored inters to 
rater, Mayor Kiel :b the Imllot Tiie* 
ly. It is also s.taied that these men 
e not the well k'nnwn "Negro Den)'- 
rate," bui Ttepublicnns who were 
ssppoinled by the outcome ftf the 

Tie plan ia lo distribute fitera'ure 

the Negro voters, pnder the guise of 

Keiniblicans, advitisg them t« serai'ch 

Kiel's -name. Tbe Argus issues a 

ing to all vuters. Do nt,l bi' do- 

d by any orgn nidation,, perwtsip Ur 

literature re.|u*stiag you to. ■■scratch 

L" No true Republican, will deeert 

party "at this time Oo lo Ihe polls 

eurlv Tuesdav, wilh but one idea in 

„,,,,.]• r-, vol's the straight Repub- 

ticket. Tbe election judge will 

vou three tickets. Select the Be- 

con** to McITts**t*T i htsatkoTtnl rraav 

Here. you will Ind a friendly place 
o spead -your Sunday mornings snd. 
veilings; here-you will receive a hearty 
shsar. and ,tJ*d aa " Open ' Dour. " 

You will hear sermon* from this pulpit 
that are-timely aad full of helpfulness. 
™od, oldfaabioaed Oospel preaching 
ith. .sew emphasis, rjpleadid maiic 
t both morning and eveaing nervier*. 
.oose early and listen. It's a restful 
habit- Miraaaer*, especially, sea arel- 
»me Servjee*. 11 a. ■., aad T}» p. 
m. isuadav school. 12:«0.. K-s. U J. 
Washugtoa. D. D.. Psstur 

Democrats Buying Up 
Race "Leaders" To 
Deceive Voters 


publican liekel. lion 'I scratch any 
name, fold it up and see \1kat it" is 
safely placed in the ballot bos bo- 
fore you lenvo the polls. ' You will 
make no mistake by voting the straight 
itepuulirau ticket.. 

(iovernor llnrdner bus expressed his 
nope that the election will be honest 
nnd fnir. The. new Board of. Election 
CoinuiissiunerH have said .that it will 
lie ami Chief *fonnjg has issued orders 
to the pulicc lo keep hands off. Tbero 
is to be no intimidation. Everyone 
who is properly registered nnd has not 
been convicted of nny crime, has Iho ' 
right to vole. D» your duty and do 
it early. 

By WUllam Q. Mathews 

The agitation nnd excitement under 
Ihe stress nnd strain of political strife 
applies more forcibly at this time, per- 
hapa, to the Negro race than is usually 
nccepted from the first flash of its ex- 

A serious reflection, however, will 
elenrly demonstrate the intrinsic Im- 
portance of the opportunity such con- 
ditions present to our own people. In 
this mnyornlty contest no Negro with 
» spatk: of persons! pride can afford lo 
olirlook tha peril he courts. In romaia. 
lag alia.f from his duty na a citiaen, 
in such a crisis. To ihe thoughtful 
Negro, il is not far back to the 
days when Ins nncestnrs were placed 
on the aticlinn b>rk at the old Court 
House: .when tyranny and the ersek 

»f lit 

sh Bras tl 

tin- .-iillill 

ry Kiel, when defiant of all op- 
position, taking all Ihe chances of do 
fenl and revenge that follows this tort 
of eoorngc, he publicly declared 
through tbe press that lie would veto 
any bill proposing Ihe segregation of 
the Negro thai came up fur his official 

This was Henry Kiel, the brave and 
fcarlrs- Mayor of StL'Louis, standing 
erect, in .find's sunlight, insisting that 
It must go out unmistakably to the 
world that Ihe superb precepts of the 
Constitution, declaring tlist "all men 
are created iTiunl," shnublnot he sob 
lied by placing the stain of segrega 
tion on the Negro. 

This is the time, if Ihere ever was 
one, that this reproach must be su 
Bwered by the Negro -wilh success. 
hvery Ncgru. knows that -Ihe under' 
lying forces thai prompt Democratic 
asrendanry mean the niter defeaj. . 
downfall and huinilis'ing degradation 
of those of his own color if. he permits \ 

lo rise 

■I the 

and open pathway. 

Lei ait this talk 'of -de 
Kiel ticket be silensed. I 
■way and vanish as 'the dregs of a 
forgotten dream. 

No Negro worthy iif the name can 
in 'this jntcuse strife, pawn hi* very 
Mui, which Henry Kiel h*s shown his 
personal and official appreciation of the 
Negro by giving a larger number ■■! 
public positions to "our people st gen 
srous wages. 'than ever known before 
in lbs history of nur cily No mhlter 
forlorn or forsaken, bs may have 
has**, no Negro hea ever appealed to 
him in vain.; It would be a stunning 
nnd deadening disgrace upon our 
part, to hetray'n man who has dune 
is doing so much /or th'e progress 
advanccuuat ia *!! .fbat mskei 
for our welfare and happines*. The 
splendid achievement* of the struggle 
of Sffy years most not now be pal- 
sied or set back at this rritieaj stage, 4 
Each man is the master of his vbte.- 
and the ssered destiny of hit snd the 
Let the Negro -in this emergency 
stand erect ia full statnre and maa-. 
boed, aad be proudly counted with the 
patriots who made possible such mm 
Abraham Liarnia and Hear* W.. 

eralian yet lo ' ..depends up- □ Ihe 
faithful discharge of his duty. 




llwi Virginia mini Ethel Bailey 
were hostesses to a stork shower given 
in. honor of Hi*. Alice Bailey, 425* 
(.ii, vc Btreet. AdeUghtful menu mi 
served. There were forty two person* 
present. ..Bev. J. J. Ballany preached 
at the First Baptist Church Sunday 
morning. He spent the evening Kith 
Hev. w: L. Rhode* .Mr*. iUry Wil- 
liam*, mother of Mr. A. William*, i* 

very 1U at Ibi* writing ,Ml*»e* Urn' 

lit' and Louveoia Belger entertained 
Misses EUel and Virginia Bailey; and 
Mr. William Jiukln* for dinner Sunday. 
..Mime E.- Bailey entertained (or din' 
ner Sunday, Bev. J. H. Ballany of Day- 
ton, Ohio, Bev. W. L. Bbodcs, Mr. and 
Mrs. Curtis. 

rS8T03, MO. 

By Mr*. 8. Cartel 
Sunday, March 25, was a "Gain 

• Day" for Featus. The prineipal fea- 
ture, being the annivermary of the K. 
of P. and the Court of Calauthe. The 
Knight* locked their beat, and the 
Calentbeaas- appeared in royal cos- 
tume. Added to this attraction waa 
the bright Juvenile* Number 2fl. The 
gill* were, in while, and the boy* wore 

, ' luitm with their pretty juvenile col- 
or*. 'The sermon ■ was . preached by 
Bev. A. Poatun, pastor of St. John'* 
M. E. Church. The M.. E. Choir fur- 
n imbed the music and sang a* never 
before. Ttje. services were woll at- 
' tended and the collection warn 118.40. 

Ke T , E. C. Treadwell conducted 

. hi* *eeond Quarterly Meeting at. the 
A. M. E. Church lamt Sunday. Bey. 
Barkadale, the P. E-. arrived in time 
for the Sunday night service. Tie 
quarterly colli' ft ion was something over 

. «2S Prof. B. F. Adam* gave an in- 
teresting address Sunday night on 
Church History, and the Methodist 
Episcopal Church at St. Jehu's M. E. 
Church. The ■ collection for the day 

wan- somethirig over *4Q Misses 

U. B. Davis and A. E. McOec, of 
Bonne Terre, were Festue visitors Sat- 
urday and Sunday.. Mrs. John Camp- 
bell, of Kirkwood, spent a few days 
with Mrs. Boss last week. Mrs. Boss 

is rapidly improving Sirs. Kobt 

- Crystal City, were- Festu* visitor. 
.Simpson and little son, Eugene, ot 


By W. H. Bowlin 

Ml, Olive Lodge So. 17, A. F. and 
A' M., will have their- regular meet- 
ing Tuesday evening April 3, 8 p. m 
at' Masonic Temple, Oak Avenue and 

Hth Street, East Knights of.Pyth 

la*, Twin faty Lodge No. 12, will rueel 
in the Castle Hall April 3. All mom 
bers.are requested 10 be present. Vis 
iting brother* are invited. . . .Tho O 
U. O. O. F. will soon organiio in th< 
K. P. Hall. ;.. Bethel Brotherhood will 
meet Sunday,. April 1, at 3:30 p. 
at the church. All the young men are 

invited Cedar Court No. 10,' had a 

g'rsnd entertainment March 28. 
Mable Homes Orchestra played for 
the evening. Mi™. O. J. Thorpe, Chi 

man. ...Mr. J, W. Harrison is -very 
sick. We hope h< will have a speedy 
recovery..,. Mr. R. Metloek left but 
week forlthe Windy City, ...Mr. and 
Mr*. Jno.. MaceUs arc contemplating 
housekeeping. . They were quietly mar- 
ried March T Mr. H.'G. Price will 

give a* a return engagement of 
"Schooldays" March 20, a> the K. P. 
Hall'..... .Mr, and Mrs. Chaa. Blain will 

soon leave for a ten-days' visit to Ella- 
worth, Kansas. Mr. and Mr*. Blain are 

the proud parent* of a baby boy 

Mrs. Fred Oresheuk made a flying visit 
in the Polar City March 25. She re- 
turned to her office in De* Moines m* 
postmistress. -Bothel A. M. E. Church 
will hold their revival meeting in 

April Mr. Bam AUriut is now train 

porter on tho Bock Island from Codlr 
Bapids to Minneapolis, Minn. .. .Want- 
ed, fifteen neat Colored boys or young 
men, must be reliable. Good change 
for advancement. State age. Call from 
April 1 to May 1, 418 B. 2nd Street, 
East, upstairs, from 7 to ft p. m. I 


By Mr. E. B. William;. 

Mr. I'aail Samuels left Saturday for 
Chicago, where he expects to take up 
future residence. His wife will j< 

him' later Mrs. E. E. Williams was 

in East St. Louis on . business last 

week Rev. Searcy and eight oi 

hi* members went to Brooklyn Sun 

day afternoon to a rally ». ...Mr*. 

Scott and Miss Augustine Fort, of 
Pine Oak, were in our city Sunday. . 
Mrs. Win.' Brown is on the sick 'list. 

Rev. nnd Mrs. Searcy are eapwt 

ing their daughter from Iowa thii 
week. . 


By B. Loper 

Mr. Jesse Brooks, of Springfield, 111 
made a short visit with his uncle, Mi 

Robert, Jones, last week Mr. and 

Mrs. Martin Kurd, of Columbia, Mo. 
■pent a week in St. Charles on busi 

nous Mr. Henry, of St. Louis, visit 

ed hi* wife and family here Sunday 
..Mrs. Mary Matthews and daughter 
Bessie, are' here at the bedside Of Misi 
Sarah jMatthews, who is seriously ilL 
Bev. B. H. Smith, Of Mexico, Mo- 
stopped over lait week for a few hours 
visit with bin son, Mr. Ed. Bmith... 
The K. of P. anniversary was held a 
the A. M. E. Church Sunday afternoon 
Hon. A. W.'Loyd, 0. C; Prof. W. T' 
Aneell, 0. K. of R. and 8., and Mi 
C. K. Robinson, Ex-Supreme" K. of K. 
and S., were guest* of honor. They 
were royally entertained by Mr. A 
Moore, and' given an auto ride, over 

the city by B*. T, J. JkI^h I'r. 

J. 1L Williams, of Kama* City, Mo., 
Grand Master of U. B. F. Lodge, wai 
a visitor here Monday and found ever] 
department of the lodge in fine conai 
tion....Mrs. L. B. Carter and daugh 
ter, of the Argus Staff, were visitors 
in St. Charles Saturday and Sundi 
Franklin School boys would like 

arrangf baseball gan 

,-ilh otbi 

age- Those interested will plea** writ* 
the principal of Franklin School. 


Rev. 8. B. Anderson preached the 
annual sermon Sunday to the K. ]'. 
Lodge. Let brotherly ' love continue. 
..The entertainment given by thapu- 
pils ot the public schools for the A. 

M. E. Church was a success Mi** 

Fiaher, the Oak-Ridge teacher, was a 

visitor of Miss Addle Nance Mr. 

L. King ia on thesl'ok list and has 
been very low. ...Mr. K. W. Brown de- 
parted. for Oak Ridge, where he ex- 
pect* to do some scientific, farming. 
....Mr', and Mr*. Fonee Lacy are the 

proud parents of a baby girl The 

Lincoln Public School is progressing. 
Miss Ethel Cayto averaged B* per 
cent in her eighth grade examination 
last week. Conune) Wadn, 92.7 per 
ecut, John W. Mitchell, 90.7 per cent. 
'....Mr. Wi!lL,Beal, who ha* bcin in 
St. Louis for se.rn time, has returned 
to ' the farm. 


The choir and some of the mem- 
bers of St. John's M. E.. Church, gave 
a surprise party for Mrs. W. P. Allen 
last Monday evening. Mr. C. L. Al- 
len, of St. Louis, was present also. A 
musical program with readings from 
Dunbar was rendered, after which re- 
freshments were served- Tbe guests 
presented M™. Allen With a beautiful 
dish. Those present were: Bev. and 
Mrs. Woolfork, Mrs. W. H. H. Brown, 
Mrs. Seaman, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Al- 
len, Mr. L. Smith, Mrs. R. Mitchell, 
Mrs. J. Gordon, Miss Feed* Mitchell, 
Miss Helen Brown,. Miss J. Carter, 
Miss J. . Simpson, Mima L. Jenkins, Mr. 
and _Mr. K. D: Smith, Mr*. C. Dvboia, 
Mark Jenkins and Arthur 'Oliver. 


By J. E. Jones 

Mrs. Lucy Mitchell, of Cincinnati, O., 
is hers visiting her ailter, Mrs. Tempy 
Taylor. . . .Mrs. Jane Manaway died 
March 20, and was buried the 21st. The 
Decatur Band gave an entertainment at 
the school Wednesday night. .. .Miss 
Lenora Bridgeforth closed her school 

Friday night at Chicken Creek Mr. 

Abe Butler, a highly respected citizen 
of Pulaski, and about 60 year* old, died 
March 21. Reverend* Johnson and 
Howard conducted the funeral. He 
leaves one sister, Mrs. N. Beasley, to 
mourn bis loss. ..Mrs. F. Buford spent 

Friday night with Mrs. Jessie Jones 

Mi uses Julia Mae Parker, M. U. Carter, 
and B. Coleman went to Wales one day 
last week. 


By H- W. Jones 

aide to be out again..., Mr*. Jennie 
Franklin and Mini Clara Davis, of St. 

Leal*, wore-in town last week Tie 

K. of P. and Court of Caiantho held 
their annual Thanksgiving Service at 
tbe A. M. E. church lait.Bnnday. Col- 
lection, (33-34. ...The Sunday school 
■nd B. V. P. U. at Pleasant Green are 
•till progressing, . . .About fifty families 
ot Colored people have moved into the 
Smltervillo District and are in the 
iploy of Mr. Edward S. Kelley. .. .Mr- 
Win. Franklin, of Herculanoum, was 

.--Prof. Madarikan Deaiyi, a na- 
tive of West Africa, lectured at the A. 
M. E. Chnrch last Thursday night. 


By Mrs. L. Udrd 
The K. of P. and Court of Caiantho 
held their annual sermon on tho 25th, 
at Black we II Chapel A. M. E, Zion 
Church. The sermon was delivered by 
Bev. Thoo. Morrison The Sacra- 
mental Service was largely attended 
Sunday at Wellst on A. M. E. Mission... 
The home of ' Mrs. M. Winchester- 
Howard was completely destroyed bv 
Are on the Blst of March, and the 
family had a narrow escape of their 
lives. Mrs. Howard waa overcome by 
smoke, and has been confined to her 
bed. I -Mrs. M. E. Goodwin, Wa Shaw, 
Grant MorrieenTJ. B. Harrison and D. 
J. Laird visited the Parent -Teachers' 
Association it Kirwood on the 23rd, at 
the homo of 'Mrs. Motley, on Filmore, 
Ave. This being their first meeting, a 
large number was present, and showed 
a good spirit in the work. Mr*. Motley, 
president Mr. Ben' Parker is con- 
valescent Master Leo. L. Voner is 

Very ill Mrs. Snsie MeMerty and 

daughter, Naomi, of St. Louis, visited 

relatives here last Sunday Mrs. 

Evelyn Woolrige and baby, of St. Louis, 
were the guests of her mother, Mrs. Nel- 
lie Wheeler, last Sunday Mies Marie 

Dickson and Oraco Woods, of St. Louis, 
were pleasant visitors of Mrs. W. H. 
Russell, last Sunday. s 


By Mrs. 0. P. J. 

The Preachers" Conference met with 
Bev. Phillips Monday with all members 
present. The conference decided to 
have a committee from each church to 
make a list of the church going people. 
The conference will render a. program, 
Sunday. April 1, at the M. E. Church 
In honor of Rev. Houston, who will soon 
depart for annual conference at Lex- 
ington. Mo. Rev. R. I. Phillips, presi- 
dent; Rev. W. H- Houston, secretary; 
Bev. T. Parrish, reporter. .. .Miss Mae 
Carter, of Leeper, Mo., is visiting her 
sister, Mrs. F. Jordan, of 805 Alice St. . 
Mrs. Irene Perry, who has been hfcre at 
ne bedside of her brother for some 
time, left Saturday for her home in 

Kansas City The K. P. and Court of 

Calanthe had their annual sermon Sun 
day at Pleasant Hilt Baptist Church 
with Rev. Chinn officiating. A short 
but interesting program was rendered; 
Solo by Mrs. 3. Blue, a pnper was rend 
by Mrs. M. B. Wyatt, solo by Mis* 
I. Black, an address by Prof. A. J. 

Mis* Elsie Cayce and her sister, Mrs. 
Edith Caycn-MeUou, are both «ble to 
be out again after a short illness ..■ . 
Several persona went to Shady Grove 
Thursday to the funeral of Mrs. Rachel 
Davis, age 7ft year*. Tbe Knights of 
the Guiding Star of the East had 
charge or the funeral. Rev. C. W. Cole 
presided. . . .Mr. Albert Davis, who has 
been suffering from a broken foot, is I Anthony, solo by Miss Lill* Hudson 






Mr*. Victoria Clay-Haley 

20t N. Jof f a m a Ave. St. Lou». Mo 


CHAS. 0. WATSON, Prop. 

The' Bifc Cut Rate DRUGGIST. - Everybody 

Locate*! at GOMPTON and LACLBDE AVE. 

Mr. L. T. Lee waa master of ceremonies. 
■■■■Mi"- W. L. Hammond, *rha spent 
the winter with her parents, Mr. and 
Mr*. Bedmond, left for her home ia 
Kansas City Saturday. The Ladies' 
Community Clnb met with Mrs. Horace 
Ustlin Monday at her home on Alice 
St. Twelve members were present. 
Mrs. Cham. Patterson, visitor. All the 
officers were reelected. Mrs. C. P. Jack- 
son was appointed reporter for the 
club. Tho neat will bo with Mrs. 
Wyatt, and a lunch' will be served for 
IS eents. Mrs. M. B. Wyatt, president: 

Mr*. C. P. Jackson, reporter Mr. and 

Mrs. Ed. Hobson are tho proud payents 
of a fine boy Mrs. Grant -Phillip* en- 
tertained the Stewardess Board at tbe 
A. M. E. Church last Tuesday night. 
A two-course dinner was served and a 
neat sum realized. 


By Mia* Baker 

Three ear loads of young people at- 
tended an entertainment at Bonne Terre 
Monday evening. They report one of 

"Aunt Dolly's Times" Mr. Turner, 

of Parsons, Kens., has joined his wife 
here for a short visit with relatives... 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Robinson were spectat- 
ors at the American in St. T.ouis Satur- 
day Quite a number of persons were 

hire from Coffman Sunday to witness 
tho anniversary of the Knights of 
Pythias nt the A. M. E. Church. Rev. 
Spurlock preached a very appropriate 
sermon Mrs. Ellen and. Dora Car- 
son, of Potosi, were the guests of Mrs. 

M. Cayce, Saturday and Sunday 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Williams are the guests 

of Mrs. Lewis Burk Mrs. Ellia 

Overton will discontinue house-keeping. 
She will rent her homo in East Farming- 
ton, and .live with relative Mis* 

Mamie Burk is among the ill of this 

week Misses Alice and Telma Swink 

were hostesses to the Industrial Club 
Monday evening. They proved them- 
selves quite equal to tbe occasion.... 
Mrs. A. Sims is spending a few dsy* 
with her mother. Mrs. J. I'oston. .. . 
The little misses at the cooking *ch#>l, 
made light bread Saturday.'. . .Bev. A. 
Poston, of Festns, attended to business 

here Monday. He reports a successful 
conference year. . -The Queen of Honor 
Court, under the supervision of Mrs. 
W. I. Roberts, will hold its Palm Serv- 
ice at Castle Hall Sunday Tho O. E. 

S. bold a chapter of sorrow, Sunday 
afternoon for Dr. O. M. Rickctts, who 

recently passed nway Misses Dola 

linddic and Odessa Cayce arrived from 
St. Louis Monday. 

Vital Importance 
To The Ladies 

If yaw. woald like i* have bms*> 
huM-iai. lawsac btanurul. la*** 
■might hair; aw su Jar s! Zpsjal 
Matr Imm „« Straight****. Pet**, 
M cssj U . sent prepaid evosf when, fta- 
skM* agents wanted. Zrn.l TaasM 
Trieacss C*., t Scats Swiag An, 
It L-raa. M. 


rs CREAM ^ 

1 scoffs I 


^^OT#°'1W©£H1£^ ^-^-i&M&r&F&fiS 

*r n*r mm J §J — ^tfl. 

•J* St Soma Argw 



k ■sVOaiLL _ nrrirti I 

—City Miter «J HinN-saV 




lte*«*« •■»'*■«* r«( S,.„. ■■[Uii 
Mat *!> ■■■■ .rrwlhw. lldsn.Mlsal 


It is really amusing to read the charges made by the Demo- 
cratic candidates, henchmen and the democratically inclined proas 
that the Republican! by failing to include a plank on Americanism 
in their platform, are subjecting themselves to being called pro- 
German. ' . ■ 

Mr, Lionberger. Mr. Connett and others aeera to forget that 
it is not the strained relations with Germany which haa just afford- 
ed a chance for someone to be charged with being un-American; 
these gentlemen do not have to reach across the Atlantic to find a 
loop hole wherein there may be an opportunity to cast reflections; 
they have only to search the record of the Democratic party from 
the time of its incipiency; to find-there, the most flagrant acta of 
un- Americanism that have ever disgraced a nation. 

Let Messrs. Lionberger and Connett and the editors of the 
democratic press disguise themselves as American Negroes and 
make a tour of the south; let them be subjected to the humiliation 
of riding in foul-smelling Jim Crow cars after having paid first- 
class fares: let them attempt to go in any southern eating house or 
restaurant to appease their hunger, and be driven out as though 
they were dogs; let them -face a Negro- hating southern judge or 
Justice and be sentenced* to a term in the chain-gang for daring to 
walk upon the sidewalk of a 1 main street in a southern cily; let them 
chance to stop off at Bowie, Texas, where their eyes will be greet 
ed by this sign, "Niggmr Don't Lit Thm San Go Down On Yoa;' 
let them gaze upon the ruthless act of a law-breaking mob, in its 
hellish pastime of burning a helpless Negro man of woman, be- 
cause of some minor act of indiscretion: we say, let them in the 
disguise of an American Negro witness these things, and then let 
them place the charge of on - Ammricanttm where it rightfully be- 
longs: In Thm CardU of Thm Democratic Party, 

it will give the Jews in the world. Already * » ainer in Rusai. the j«, „„., 
neviutly be. gainer in Poland . -hataS ttTg^eSSto MatSbSS 

there, and in other provinces of the A us tro- Hungarian Emnire and th« H.iir^ 

State.. It ii not impossible that, Sr. the P««^f^nV^^^iSnS«^S!S 
will be taken guaranteeing equality of dUaernBuVtwtr^ie^in TinTL,!^ 
which *i''f«"|«^i''a.Tty ^STC^Srfn^at-lSS 

In honorable and creditable aertlee I n all of the armies tbtaw tha 
Jew has defiruU-ly answered the aecuaaUor, of not being a^KofTaUte but 
a diwiple of a faith. He baa well proved hia citiMnahTp 

^e step ts£en in Russia gratifies Aroerleana Dot only becaaae ft open, a 
way for the making a new Russian treaty replacing- the old one we abrSfateS 
dunnit Mr. Taft» administration bc.-aaso of autoeratTc and boreMcradcmon7 
tiom of Jewish descent put under surveillance and detention in that country A 
new treaty with Russia will mean much U> the commerce of the United States 
in years following the close of the war. «■■■«« «ni 

We have asked your indulgence of the above editorial in order 
that you may realize the close relation that wax has, with an inter- 
nal race question. 

America has her race question which involves not only the re- 
lations between the whites and colored in the southern states; but 
which confronts America in the Philippines, in Cuba, in Porto hico 
and in her other island possessions. In-other aspects the race 
question is, and will be one of the perennial and absorbing problems 
in the development of every country wherein it exists. 

For the consideration, not to aay settlement, of a question so 
complicated and so involved in prejudice and passion and wrong, 
no light or teaching that history affords should be neglected. 

These questions were first faced by the Spaniards, and in the 
four hundred years' history of Spanish America there is a wealth 
of human experience in the contact of races that may be drawn 
upon for warning or instruction or possibly for reassurance. 

Madam Walker's 

■r- -Black, for his many sterling qualities 

Modern Factory " d 

(Continued from page 1 .) 
Her work on earth was done. 

Her life could not be swee 

With sister and her brother 

But sorrows forever meet. 



esolved to And 
vent to her mind 
on with whom to stay 
invey her design. 


^Prior to the recent primaries we advised the people of this 
city to vote for Mayor Henry W. Kiel as the choice of the Republi- 
can party of St. Louis, for mayor at the coming election next 
Tuesday. Subaeqaent to the primaries, we acknowleged our pleas- 
ure at the results and congratulated the voters upon their wise and 
splendid choice. ' We also tofd the colored people of this city that 
we fully realised the responsibility that we were taking upon our- 
selves by-advising them to vote for Mr. Kiel. 

We are glad of. the opportunity to again call the attention of 
the voters to a more important election (so far as the Negro is 
concerned) which is to take place next Tuesday, April M; this 
time it will be a Republican who has made a good mayor and. one 
who has done more for the Negroes of this city than any of his 
predecessors, and more than we could ever have the slightest hope 
of receiving from a Democratic. The Democratic party is waiting 
its opportunity to take from our .people their political and civil 
rights. You are able to see the contrast, you should act according. 

Rmmmmbmr, the voting is an expression of character. He ism 
ngrateful man who will smite the hand that feeds him: 

This she strreeeded in, we find, 
for years they were at home — 

Doubtless all tears were left behind, 
Hhe did not care to roam. 

Rut nlss! that borne was theirs no mo 

Father no longer stayed. 
N'ow mother and child must face the I 

To plan and frame their way. . 

Forgetting not the Savior Dear, 
She straggled hard to gain — 

She knew 'twaa fate that helped 
The erosa and hfal sll pains. 

host of friends, both white and 


Clarenoe R. Campbell, 29SS .Market. 2 

Infant Darkins, 2B52 Market ., 

Sasin. Carwelt, 2708 Randolph so 

Elisabeth Walker, 2324 8«ott... 1 

Morris Franklin, 523 8. 21nd 20 

Geo. Bailey, 221B Walnut 38 

Judith Coins, Isolation Hospital .... SO 

Robert w r Walker, 3014 'Garrison.., 

Court | 

Dennis Thompson, 31 8. IS SC, ""!« 

Will Gillipsle, 508 a 2nd ......40 

Henry Anderson, 3315 La Belle....] 8 

Carter Irby, 784 N. 16th st u 

Noah Lake, 1S0B Linden 2, 

Cordelina Wat kins, 1328 Morgan Et 

Myrtle Wells,' 1406 Plus at 

Mattie Montgomery, 2017 Walnut.. .38 
Wesley Patterson, 1227 Merchant.... 

Her phj 

cal form was grnwi 
id began to turn; 
I mystery that was 
on her nation burr 



"The duty to die for one's country should be predicated upon 
the right -to live in, one's country under equal .laws and without 
degrading discriminations." 

The above .quotation of the Hon. Oscar Straus, former Ambas- 
,sador to Turkey and former Secretary of Commerce and Laber in 
Cabinet of ex-President Roosevelt, was heartily endorsed by Count 
Beakeodorf, the Russian Ambassador in London during a recent 
interview between these two great men. The subject of the inter- 
view was principally the condition of the Jewish subjects of Russia 
and was brought about by the fact that Jews were taking their 
places' in the present great European, struggle on the side of their 
oppressors, the Russians. 

When one has read the interview mentioned above, he cannot 
keep the mind from, turning to America, and while reports have it 
that America was the first to recognize and congratulate the new 
repablic o( Rtmia. the reader will wonder , at the plight of the 
Negroes in America who are but half freje and who have stood 
shoulder to shoulder with the Americans ih all of her wars. Sure- 
ly there must be a strain of sympathy in/the heart of every Negro 
for the Jewish people and if it takes a great war to give a race of 
people their freedom, aa has been the case of the Jews in Russia, 
then the American Negro cannot but yearn for war. 

The following editorial from the Globe Democrat of March 20 
1917, is well worth reading: 

.in a tasoderniaed Ruaaia the Jaw. must natawlr. base place and reesnrnition 
as ettuesia. On* of the aaoat eaoeot of race., it is not the least ^isUnTJuhin. 
tharertarwlM of Lhia people that they ar. *, quickly reapoosire to aUiaanaZ 
(rowing eat of new materia: coaditkavs in life uroducad bv tlu nn.T^ r 
aeaaaSal aad the utitissUkw. ol — 1, CSHznuUhSZln^ 

of tfc* kU>er*ti T a ,*a of Na^lg^abt 
i in thai coaatry. This si Use in*v£ 

1 began in taw creatua of taw Duma adett 

— -a-, and which «uld rut aaswrt itswfl while aatocraf y sad waimaamcVtt 
T T^ afiTli" " * ** M ' """** ***** e ° -1- " h " otatel * a«ara*isw forward 

A raaalt of the gnat war new to be eiaarly foreseen » tb* baUar paaltwn 

The tbougbts of "More beauty ran 
be gained," 

Only that whieh nature gives u.«, 
So lovely hair, no fairer hand 

But only that— that's for us. 

This problem ahe has truly solved, 

And nations can now my 
Upon the roll of fame is carved 

And forever there will atay. 

This once poor girl who bad no home 
Mo friends to give her aid 

Who started in her youth to roam 
Life's road and to make her way. 

Who now Eas aft tier heart may asf, 

Her hope for fears has eome. 
By a dreun she ram? to solve her i.i. 

The toils, the struggles of ner 1: 
Are what we need to see; 

Nhe did not ever work through 
Nhe thought bow to be free- ' 

from hardest toil (hat In pay 1 

Where life is not a btlas, 
And where the laborer sees not i 

, Neither joy receives a kiss. 

Thin in a shadon, not the life, 
Of one who it the talker, 

Who cm in golden Ipitera write, 
Mme. C. J. Walker. 

-aa trustworthy, honest and a very use- 
ful citiien, a true friend, a loving hus- 
band and father. His fatherly ftffee- 
tiona were «s tended to each and every 
one of his fourteen grandchildren. 

His -loyalty and devotion to his 
church, and all it stands for, was with 
him almost a paaiion, and whenever oc- 
casion offered an opportunity for the 
display of his Christian leal and devo- 
tion he could be depended upon. 

His speech, action and influence were 
alwaya on the right side. He lived the 
simple life in bft home and his attach- 
ment for bis wife and children was 
bean tifu hand sincere. 

They now mourn bis departure, but 
the keenness of their Sorrow will lin- 
ger through the years as they miss his 
companionship and- love. He was a 
sympathetic, tried and nscfol friend to 
every man, woman and child In the 
timea of sorrow, sickness and death, and 
entire life was an embodiment of 
the term friend in all its deepest and 
est meanings. Time wilt soften the 
grief and assuage the sorrow of the 
aching hearts, but that home will never 
be the same plaee to its inmates that it 
has been in the past, because the light, 
life and spirit of the home. has gone 
from it forever. 

It might be truthfully said of him as 
it was said of another, that be alwaya 
placked a thorn and planted a rose, 
where he thought a rose would grow. 

But tet loved ones not memorialize 
him with tears and the insignia of grief, 
but by keeping fresh his memory and 
following his footprints, they shall And 
and know him in the Great Beyond 
•ben parting never eomea. 

The. funeral services were conducted 
by Rev. Toney Perry, Rev. J, L. Wat- 
son, and Rev. Perry* Thurman, P. E., at 
St. John's A- M. E. Church, al 2 
o'clock, Tuesday, March SSO. Interment 
in City Cemetery. 

Many relatives and friends attended 
the funeral from other cities and towns. 

Aaron House, £W7 Luaes ■. J; 

Elian Lytle, 260S Franklin........ Si 

Mary Wheeler, 1229 Chestnut 5! 

Frankie Irona, 1001 S. Jefferson .... J 

Douglass t?onrne, 2920 Market If 

Henry Morrell, 10B S. 10th St ] 

Henry Marshall, 2S10 Walnnt St 

Oscar Allen, Chicago, III 26 

James Skipper, Brooklyn, III 36 

Porter Williams, 3009 Pine St 31 

ard Wynn, 2703 Laaalle. . . . .3 mo. 
Patrick H. Carter, 2S S. Spring, .j. 51 

Archie Murphy^ 2S01 Morgan 17 

William Howard Bogga, 3717 Oregon. 71 
Connecticut Johnson, 2033 taw ton .23 

Luis Miller, 0352 Vernon.... 30 

Geo. Price, 3218 Franklin 58 

Terraybcl! Moss, 2908 Morgan 

Sophia Jones, 2428 Adams 

Mabel Johnson, 3728a . Morgan ,,, , 


Mr. Howard Bogga, of 3717 Oregon 

Ave., was born August 11, 1845. He 
dcparlcd this life Saturday, March 24, 
1B17, at II :« o'clock at tbo age of 
71 years, 7 months, and 13 deya. Ho 
leaves a wife, Mrs. H. Bogga, two 
danghers, Mra, Plaeiele M. Bogga, and 
Mrs. Walter Simmons, and many other 
relatives to mourn his absence. 



Washington, Mo., Sperial to »t. Louis 
Argus.— Mr. William Palmer, Waabiog- 
ton. Mo,, died at, bin borne on High 
Ntrert, Katorttay, March IT, . If*!?! at 
2:&> p. id,, after an illness of sit day*, 
at the age of 71 ii-m.rn, 3 months. 

The deceased was born in North <'sro- 
■aav He enlisted. in Co. H, lSfltb Regi- 
ment, Illinois Infantry, March ' It, 
1864, :,i liin.t. BlnsT. Ark, and waa> 
h'uoorably discharged Kejitenlber 15, 
lawB) at Springfteld. III. After he waa 
mustered oat, la IMS, he came to His- 
■ouri, and located in'Pranklin County, 
at .Washington. ' 

On April 28. )8e>. be waa married to 
Mies Rachel Wallace and to thia union 
eight girl* were bora.. Poor of the ebuV 
dre-n preceded him to the tlnat Beyoad, 

He- ia survived by a' widow, fosir 
daughter-, ■Nellie, wife of C J. Thamp- 
■OD, Hi. !..:■...-. J...H.,.. « '. D f OttO M' 
..... Viola, wife of. Elba 
■'.. r-L..,i, Ht. [..mi., asjd Cleopatra Pal- 
mes, who reside* with her parents^ Vera 
Tidwell, ind' fourteen . at bar grandchil. 
dm and toa-ia-law. W. ¥.. Jus**,, of 
t W -'art*. 

Mr: Palmer was loy-ed ssd respects' 


Special ataala Ssadaye and holiday. 
Extra meals if wanted. Sunday din- 
ner served from-S to 7 p. m. Mra. Bet- 
tie Jefferson, proprietor, 3037 Lawton. 


There will be Quarterly Meeting at 
Quinn Chapel A. M..E. Cbureh, April 
1. Preaching at 11 a. m. by .the Pre- 
rlwJl| Elder, Dr. J. D. Barkaaate. Rev. 
A. R. Dobbins will preach the sacra- 
mental ncrmOD in the afternoon. Visit- | 
ors are invited to attend theae serv- tomed pis 

J'. L. Watson, 'Pastor 

Boston, Mass., March 25, 1917. 
An affectionate tribute to the late 
Rev. Caasius M. C. Mason from one of 
his parishioners. 

entered into life on the morning of 
Wednesday, March 21st, 1017, Rev. Cas- 
aiua M. Clay Mason, for 39 years rector 
of All Saints Episcopal Church in the 
city of St. Louis. 

Grant him Thine eternal rest, O Lord, 
and let perpetual light shine upon him. 
The sudden calling away— almost with- 
out warning— in the midst of his labors 
of this beloved priest of the church was 
a profonnd stock to the whole com. 
munity, and to the members of his con- 
gregation comes as a personal bereave, 
ment. For to us he was not only our 
rector, but a courteous, kindly Christian 
gentleman and friend. His zeal and 
affection for all the work of the- parish 
and ita beat interests, were as. sincere 
and rffeetive u human devotion and 
srlf-ascrlAce coald make tbem. His lov- 
ing heart kept him near\to humanity, 
and his '' reverent spirit communed 
with God." In ehafacter hK waa mas- 
terful, yet truly priestly, and full of 
strenuous vitality. And though he now 
"rests from his labors.'' he has left an 
abiding memorial 'of his many virtues. 
And in bis passing it may be truly 
said of him, "He being dead,' yet 
spemketh." ' 

It is said that the light- of certain 
■tars is still reflected on the earth, after 
the stsrs the as elves have passed from 
the firmament; so we may hope thai it 
will be with the influence of tbisgra 
shall no longer see him 
face- to face, but the world hi better 
he lived, and his Influence will 
be unconsciously felt by al] who knew 
and loved him. But how we shall miss 
him! Fi/r nearly forty veers be has 
freely and faithfully rendered his serv 
ice to the pariah "of All Saints.- Very 
rarely was he sbaent from hia aecus- 
e chancel. Seldom 

tar's cold, and summer's heat, In fair 
wsathar M foul, we found him there 
steadfast in the faith and quietly eam' 
est in hit. convictions of truth and flnty. 
Faithful, devout, gentle, patient, hope- 
ful, loving true! 

Words are at best a poor vehicle to 
exprsaa onr appreciation of a noble life. 
It soema almost an impertinence to 
t»y, "Well dtrnt, good and faithful 
■arrant of Christ," when ha whom we 
so rncoursge has passed beyond the 
veil, and heard the eneomlom from,* 
greater lips than ours. 

Still it is on* privilege to bear record 
of hia work; for that uvea after him. 
Ho loved trnth and rignteoosnesa with. 
thf. una ardor with which he'BaMd. 
falseness and baseness. He was an on- 
wavering friend, aa thoughtful, u gen- 
erous, and as appreciative of Httle kind- 
nesses aa of great ones. .Mindful of hia- 
caliing aa a priest of the ehnreh, he- 
never lost an opportunity to exercise his 
office and ministry among the lick and 
suffering. His religions life waa 
marked by a cheerfulness of spirit and' 
simplicity of faith, -accompanied by a 
flrmneaa of conviction, and franknets.of 
atowal which attracted all who knew' 
him, and commanded their sincere re- 
spect. For, after all, a consecrated- 
Christian life, -ii "earth's bcit witneu 
to the life divine." He bas won that 
rest which remaineth for the people of 
Ood. -Most gently tbe summons came- 
at the last, and bis peaceful spirit 
passed from inffering to still mare per- •* 
feet peace. 

"The al'rife Is o'er, the battle.done; ■ 
The victory of life is won; 
The song of triumph bas begun." 
v E. V. 0. 


In memory of my baby boy, William- 
E. Emory, who departed this life March- 

Just a year ago today, 

A young life was quietly snatched away 

w)rw Mother's baby son. 

Loved and missed by every one. 

He had - to go., his time had come, 

God 's will, not ours, must be done. 

Badly missed by mother, brother- 
ralativea and frienda. 


In memory of my dear beloved bsby 
Ernest Clifford Cook, who departed this 
fe April 5, 1911, age 6 years. 

Oone but not forgotten 

Where the flowers gently wave, 
Lies the one I love so dearly. 

In bis lonely, silent grave. 

Peaceful be yonr sleep, darling baby. 
For 'tis sweet to breathe your name. 

In life I loved yoa dearly. 
In death I do the same. 

Sadly missed by Minnie Cook, 


In loving remembrat; 
husband, who died one 

of my dear 

iking even a br 

One year has passed 

•ince vou left me 

in sorrow, 

Sad wan the shock 

I received on that 


But soon wt| shall meet and enjoy for- 


In the home of our 

Savior who called 

yon away. 

Sincerely, your wife, 

Lulu Burton. 


Undertakers and EmbiLmers 

Phones: Delmar. 922: Llndell 5090 

4107 Finney Ave. * 




Largest Colored Fraternal Insurance 
Order in the World. 

Insures Agiinat Old Af «. Siclueaa, P«nnantnt Disability, Accident and Death 
5150,0 ;0 For Protection Of P.licy Holder. 
3 40 ,000 Pefd as Benefit 
$30,000,000 Of sauunnce Written 

. The Oady Society Extending Woodcraft to Colored PaMeJe 


Costa no man than that CtrnmerciaJ Policy that 1 
(lives only sick benefits. For aame price you are' 
now paying for little sick benefit. .The American 
Woodmen will pay you' while you live and leave 
your family independent. 

Vp-to-datm; Y-. Ahmad of Dmt*. 
• Universally Popular 

Souavd a* a Geld Dollar 

Oaf swsnt fee «« a t • n Path of lift j 

Rates Never Changing 

Solid ea Gibraltar. 


L. BILLUPS. Nsaaamt Depptiea 
T. A. ROSS and F. A. BUTLER. Deputies 

i HeteL Cor. Beaumont and Lawton Phone, Kin. Ceo. S3<x>. L 




Utile Elliot Hancock, 4048 Finney. 
is quite ill. 

Mrs. Addit Kidgeway, of 5(121 Berlin 
Ave., ni confined to her bad last week. 

Mr. and Mn. James Robinson, of 
Farmington, were in the city ovei Sun- 

Mrs. Emma Davis, of 410a B. Omrri- 
son, hna been ill but U much improved 
at present. ■ 

lira. James T, Cole, 395S Finney, is 
■t Dr. Bailey's Hospital for a surgical 

Ur. Delmar Jones in atill confined 
aii home with • lame' band. He 
much improved at present. 

The Aquarium Club was entertained 
laet Wednesday evening at the Cucade 
Studio, 4 32 7 Weat Belle. 

, Mr. and Mri 
Cote Brilliant*, 
lives in Decatur laat week 

McAliater, 433(1 
thii gnoata of rein- 

Ur. John Mepp, of 1987 Lawton, 
jn Ban Antonio, Tea., for ■ ninety day 
stay. He report! a fine time and 
return about June 29. 

Ur. John Jon..-, 4418 Lucky, hu goae 
i Hot. Springs, Ark., to recuperate. 

Ura. Effle Buah, 4270 Cote Brilllante, 
i confined to her bed with an attack of 
l grippe, ' 

lira. John Jones, of Araenal Ave.; 
will have ■ children's party, Saturday, 
In honor of her small daughter. 

Miss Florenoe Chlsuotm, of the V. W 
C. A., who wu summoned to Florence 
Ala., on neeonnt\of tht lllneH of hei 
brother, reports hia death. * . -, 

ii. P. Hamlin, international aecretary, 
V. If. C. A., after «pon ding nearly two 
wee ks at Bt. Lonli, East St. Louii and 
■nbnrbe, in the interest of the Y.. M. 
C. A. work, will depart Sondsy, 

Miss Myrtle Johnaon, bookkeeper at 
the Argun oflce, had a call from tho 
School Board th*s week to All a place 
as a tearher in the public schoola uf 
thla city. 

Mri. Nan Underwood- Milton returned 
to Philadelphia this week accompanied 
by her mother, Mri. Virginia Under- 
wood and grandmother, Mrs. Mariah 
Roach, to make their future home. 

Mr*. Ella Lee Walker, of 3011 La 
clede Ave., who baa been jll for thi 
pait five weeks, in much improved at 
this" writing.' 

Springs, Mo., in search of health. 

child i« invited to attend. 

Mr. Crittenden Clark, Atty., with of- 
fieeaat 1403 Market St., after spending 

ten days at Eaeelaior Springs, Mo, for 
hia health, has returned to the city and 
resumed, his . law practice much im- 

Mr. W. J. Austin; Jr., of 1010 
Lefflagwell, and Mi— Haiti,' Mas Ford, 
of 3331 Lawton, - 
matrimony Sunday 

F: Abbott 


Mr. O, W. Fullerton, if 3113 Pjne, St.,' 
has returned to the city, iff- r spending 
three .weeks in Arkansas with hia fa- 
ther, who has been very sick. 

Brother David Jones, the teacher of 
the brotherhood Sunday school class, at 
Union Memorial, is atill looking for the 
men at 9:30 a. m. every Sunday morn- 

Prof. Samuel Brown, t*2* West Belle, 
a Somner High School instructor, will 
occupy the pulpit at Central Baptist 
Church Sunday on account of the ill- 
:'.-• of the pastor, Bev. Geo. E. Stevens. 

>f Civ 

Mrs. Preston Thonipsoi 
was ia the city last week owing to the 
death of ber little grandson, Eugene 
Jackson, son of Mrs. B. J. Jackson, of 
441i) Mrtitilt Ave. She was alio the. 
k -.f.t of h*r"*i«teT, Mo. Was. Rodger., 
of MISa Clark Ave. 

Through tht efforts of Mr. E. Haw- 
kins, manager of the Municipal Bath 
No. 4, the Park Department has opened 
a branch library where the public may 
be accommodated. Books are issued 
every Wednesday from I t-> 3 p. a. at 
wbich time 1st crating stories are told 
the rhildren who attend swimming aad 
gymnasium games daily. 

Elder J. H. Anderson, pastor of 
Chunk of God and Saint* of Christ, is 
arranging to attend the Feast of the 
Lord** Pnatover, at Columbus, Ohio, 
April 13, 1817. Anyone wishing to at- 
tend will do well to see Elder Anderson 
for rates. 

Mr. Albert Burgess, senior warden of 
the All Saints Church, who accom- 
panied the remaini of the late Rev. 
Father C. M. C. Mason to Baltimore, is 
expected home Saturday, March II, 

Mrs. M., of 8128 Minerva, sur- 
prised her husband Wednesday night 
with a birthday party. The anas? was 
beautifully decorated ' with feres aad 
tulips. Than ware about mxtesm pras- 
ent and everyone was glad that they 
were there. 

The Musical Cancer 

at Mi -I'll. '.-:.-, ■.- 

Church, last Wednesday evening, un 


he management of 

Mrs. Estella 


Scoggins, wai largjel 

' attended, 


well received. It was 

indeed a mus 


treat. We wish to e 

i tend a vote 


thanks to all who assisted with the pro- 
gram, and to the public. also for their 
loyal rapport. Bev. -I* J. Washington, 
Pastor; J. L. Taylor, Clerk, 

The Alpha Normal Class, of St. Paul 
R. R, met at the residence of Mrs. 
Matti" Calhoun, BUST l.iwton, Tuesday 
night, March 23, and discussed their 
routine of business. The hostess 
served a delightful lunch. The neat 
meeting will be with Mrs. Hortepse R, 
Riley, S7M Adams St. Miss M. John- 
son, president; Mrs. J. W. Evans, teachr 
er; Mrs. Hortrnse Riley, secretary. 

Vt ARRI AOE LI CENSES (BmoH °* «>d abb saints of 

kelson Casey 1418 N. Ooode 

Mrs. Edith Beynolds . . . 4161 N. Market 

Loots L. Jeffries Belleville, I1L 

Mrs. Rosin Alexander. .. .Belleville. III. 

Harry Edward Shelton 

170S Kiddle Rear 

Bessie Elisabeth Abernathy 

13Bv II iiiili Ii,. n 

Clarence Uossy 701a N. £Snd 

Mrs. Eliia Smith 701a ». 2Snd 

Frank. W. Stanley 3403 Pine 

Mrs. Arizona P. Luckey 38B5 Pine 

Hubert Rogers 1015 Cass 

Mrs. Minnie Gardner.... 1813 Cass 

Slijnn Anthony 29E8 Lucas 

Margantte Pearl Boldin 

3111 Lucas 

Robert Stevens Sparta, III. 

Mrs. Jessie Burk Sparta, 111. 

Then. Washington 3008 Lnclode 

Mrs. Mattle Gorham., 3008 Laclede 

Daniel C. Cook..:.. 4422 Maffitt 

Mn. Annie Walton ...4128 Harris 

Johnnie Boyd 2140 Wslput 

Gertrude Rose 3111 Lucas 

John Seal 2922 Lucas 

Mabel Henderson 6173 Berth: 

Robert Morgan 1410 sT. 14th 

Emma Tullcr 1410 N. Jtlh 

Robert J. Kerapsr .4800 Llndell 

Patience Vinson. IS«S n Fairfoi 


Clifford Henderson £943' 

Minnie Johnson 3309 Laclede 

Our 2,000 dime rally was last Sunday, 
March 23. We did not get all of our 
dimes, so we arc asking all members 
and friends" to be at our Fish Fry and 
Barbecue at 4084 Finney, April 4. Bring 
yout dime. Elder 1. B. Anderson, pas- 


Georgia Armstead, daughter of fius 
Armstead, please answer and give ad- 
dress in regard to real estate at Knob 
Lick, Mo. H. P. Bave, 4187a Hcrlling 
Place. • 


One of the most unique affairs 'among 
the younger set was a birthday patty 
tendered Master Virgil MeKnight, by 
Saturday, March 17, from 

2 to, 


I3\ I'inc 

u. s. corporal mWtm BBLB 

Fort Oglethorpe, Os.,' March 11.',.- 
Corporal Frank E. Zellmak, of L Obi 
pany, Seventeenth United States I 
faotry, shot himself, bis compamni 
said, rather than stand guard ov 
German interned sailors here. Ho wi 
a native Hungarian. His body wi 
sent to his former home in Kochi-Klr 

N. Y., today. 

United States troops assigned i 
guafd the Germnn sailors to be movi 
from Philadclphin srrived today 


atava Faint, W. H. Asatha U 

Blame for Bad Saloons an 


lwaukee, Wis.,— "Tho brewei 
the United States are in carnce 

desire for reform in tho retail 
liquor trade. They stand ready t 
bach any reasonable movement fur tb 
forceinent of existing laws, and, i 
these do not rover the need, they ar 
ready to aid in the enartment of lawa 

will. The 


f the existing statutes are strictly 
forced, they will be found,- grarra 
speaking, to bo adequate.'"' 

Mrs. Belle Duvall, of +438 McPhcrson 
Ave., was hostess to the Melrose Art 
Club Friday. Mnrch 18. There were 
fifteen members present, and one vis- 
itor, Miss Reed, After the work hour 
of crocheting, the hostess served ■ de- 
lightful lunch. The neat meeting will 
be with Mrs. Stella Denetn, 4378 Cote 
Bcilliante, Friday. April fi. Mrs. B. 
Duv.ll, ■laallWt Mrs. V. Junes, scire- 
tary; Mrs. E. Jackson, reporter. 

Mrs. Stella Me Pike, of Montgomery, 
Mo,, who has been the guest of her 
■isler. Mr-. Wsn Banks, has rptumed 
to her home. 

Tb P Booklovers; Club met Marcs I' 
st the residenrc of Miss Ann l'ro>th 
wait. Mrs. Frank L. Williams gave at 
enlightening talk on the life of Viftnr, 
Hugo. The limitnl'tiae prevented ber 
from giving all the 'subject matter she 
bad srstheVed *s the subject was a vast 
Mrs. Maggie Catanon gave an es- 
se eiposilion and teview of Lea 
rabies which was thoroughly en- 
joyed by all present. Mrs, B. (Jrady 
was exporter for the evening and oavr 
in te resting current events. 

The Carnation Needle Work Cluh sk 
entcnaiaed by Mn. Golden, 43SI ,;>r 
field. Ave.. March S3. After the bnai 
aesa waa transacted, the heate** served Louis. 
s delightful lunch There were two 
visitors, Mrs. Evans, of 4222 II aril eld, 
aid Mrs. Porter, of 4tS5a Lucky Sti 
Our aeit m ee ti ng- will be with Mrs C. 
WJliama. ITS* Adams St. Mn R. 
Kaaaawse, premdent; Mrs. L. Laaabatt, 
secretary; Miss T. Andrews, rs'parteT, 

The Xaatartiom Embroidery Club met 
at the reaideace of Mrs. BuhUrOa. 4271 
.March IS. Two honra wan 

•paat ia croehetiag and embroidering. 
ana taken far bastaaias. 

• spaat ia er 
J Half asaar 

daiaty lanuh waa ear-red by the hastens 
at S •'eJack- Tat* |raaHnsl waata all 
■ e mb l t a ta aa aswaf at the aeit meet 
iag, f aaWt il im . Tfca 
,01 n. with Mra. Brwwa 
Mn. sssneh, nr*st4.»t; . 

Vr.m«n in .tmeriean Literature, the 
subject for discussion Saturday, Mireb 
23, 1917, waa well punned' by Miss 
Greene, the teacher. The life and 
works of the following women were re- 
ported on- l.y.lia Maria Child. Alice iud 
Phnebe Cary, Helen Hunt Jackson. 
I'ritdene,' CraadalL' Frances Willard. 
Mary Riee Ltvermoarc. Harriett Beech- 
rr Fttsne: V,-i'..r.. Mi-- Wsrtie Black 
well afid Miss Vaomi Suell. of East St, 
MiM M. aTeaady waa the host 
ess. Miss Campbell, of East St..I.i,ui.. 
will be. the April hoataaa. 

O. 1. Dirkson. President. 
,- Julis Pnvia, rVentarv. * 

■ Mra. JaUa Ooodrirh is again in her 
own hoaae at 234 a Michigan Are, which 
ah* sad to sea«r m few months ago on 
aeeosnt of Ire. 


The Famous Decorating and Painting 
Company, a new firm organized by 
Negroes, has located si Newstead and 
North Market. The members of the 
compsnv arc Wm, II: Hollomao, T. A. 
Johnson and G. H. Clay. All are a» 
perieneed and well known trndeamen 
and are reeognir.ed an three of the best 
Negro mechanics in St. Louis. The 
firm is the ohly one of the kind in this 
city and aside from doing a general 
ttl II fell and interior decorating and 
painting business will offer opportu- 
nities for young men of the race to 
learn the trade. 


Hyrteatflf Undo*, 31t>7 Pine St.. was 
wousdrd by being stabbed by an un- 
known penHin St lite earner of Bstbsfi 
and Ijwton Avenues. According to 
statement to the police, Gordon elaiur*d 
that after a heated argument -with 
f the men held 
third eift him with- a 
11 hnifr. After being treated at 
hospital, he nas allowed to go home 
Hhere he -lives with his mother. Mr«. 
Jane Braey. Jle staled that he nsrst 
identify his assailants if arrested. yYit 
■ were; Taylor Allen. 301T b« 
nd Monroe Sermon, 3411 Pine Si 


were indulged in and priies- were 
awarded to the successful o'nea. This 
was Virgil's fourteenth birthday ind 
fourteen guests were present. He was 
the recipient of many useful presents. 
After refreshments were served each 
left, thanking Virgil for the pleasant 
afternoon frolic. We are glad to heju 
that Mr. L. W. Field and Mias Ada Me 
Field are convalescing. The Corinthiar 
Sunday School is loath to see these tw< 
faithful workers from their post ol 

Mrs. Mattle Bowman is out again 
looking well, in fact she looks like tht 
old reliable. 

We regret to oay that Mrs. O. K. Oar 
ret 'is. suffering from an attack of It 

Don't forget the rally at Corinthiar 
Baptist Church Sunday, April 1. 


The Slaughter System 




System taught by mail or at College 




Sunday morning at 7:30 o'clock and 
at IKoVlock, one or tht ministers of 
Chriit Church Cathedral will con 



it s 


reeter of fit. 

l')uih|-s. Ihe eloquen- 

's Church, willbethi 

igfct, April 4. 

Oa Oood Fridav night, lit. Nev 

Pradrrick fnau Johas-.n. Biafaap Coad 

jutor of the Diocese of Ml all u 





On last Sunday Dr. N. I.. Smith. Ih 
pastor, preached two powerful sermun: 
The vast audienrc was captivated li 
hia masterly effort. Every henrt si 
touched by Ihe power of the Holy Ohos 
On neat Sunday Dr. Smith will preae 
special sermons in keeping with the K 
casion. The subject for the mornin 
•ervire will be "Surcess and Failure.' 
At the evening service he will prcac 
using for bis subject "Blessings i 
Disguise, " 

At 3 p. m. Rev. 8. B. Wallace, panto 
Of East tit. Ijiuis C. M. E. Church, wj] 
[trench a special sermon to tht ladies 
\t the close of the sermon, the Ijird' 
Supper will be administered. 

The hi. 


Society will^meet at 6 p. m. 
will he served by Masdamcs it, I 
and R. M. Murphy. All an in* 
Barb person attending Sunda 
ing"will receive a piece of pal 


lalTalm Sunduy Scrvie, 
il I, 1B1T. at Mettopoli 

eroioes meet 


A ftrand mfotmal matiaec tea will be 
gives Easter r>uada.v afternooa, April S, 
at the Caacad* -iudi„. 4317 Test Bella. 
Maffnilceat ,Worati»as have Mb 
ptaaaed for the eecirien, aad a fnar- 
courwi menu will she served free (,. ill. 
A h anil } w s is sane awaits jn, aad aa 
ssaal a jolly good Uai ssae) assured. 
f>sasw 100 totifaa 
reals J. and 

James Edwards. 4171a Fnirfax Ave.. 

ho was oap of tbe orgasizers of the 
2,1nl Ward Xegro Democratic Club five 
years ago, has bolted (be organization. 
Edwards says, ilthnugta the Democrat* 
have been eleeted t<» •evees.t stale and 
city positions, they have sever gives a 
job to tbe Negroes of 'the club who 
hsv* supported them. The Republican,-. 
through Committeeman Jss. S. Ifaata* 
vey, have given tbe Negroes of Ihe 
ward appreciative rep'reaeaufion on the 
city'i pay roll. Edwarda. is 
not just to vote meat and bread from 
these men and their families aad for 
that reason he has withdrawn from thn 
Democratic organ Issst ion. 


The ladies of Mound City Co. C. I'. 
B. K of P. atet Tnesday evening, 
Morea»13. aad ergaaiaad a clnb to be 
k'aawi" u tha "Msvnd City I. ;■.!.-■- 
Cloh. ' '.witk ta* following ..tV-"**- Mrs. 
F. Crawford, president: Misa Mae Bus 
ssfl, aecretary: Mrs. L. Slsytaa. trass 
„r.-r: Mrs. Os*. aalia* Chaplia. Miss F. 
Jones, reporter. All ladles o* Monad 
City Co. C. iis) Invited to )git> and boost 
for the !*Bprns»e Eneawpsnent, , 


WBeii at New York City visit the 

Wosnao'a Exchange and Beauty Parlor. 

130 W. 132nd St. Mme. B. B Flaliti 

/otlng.. Prop, "hone M-1M. 

For further information, write tbe 


Saint Louis, 



$ 3fl aaaaV^ 

r*r «r auaruMad a-k. ^H ■ HA . 

~i-i««>a c*u c....„. ■ — T .^^K-t 

aad Brian wwk. laelud- _>■ I ^Bm 

,•• .11 sraatmaata. *■■ ■■■ HH 

«.r.a- ^^^^H-nM/ 

aaawATisrti fll ** 



the teeth will not hat ean- 
tmually hroaking a*. 


Tbe VAN-DOW DENTAL CO.. 614 OtiW-St. 

ronataatLT with Boerpoft aami&co., 

. ett^s.O aa'.sie-ltMtawrasa-s s .cjat^) '• " - 

SJJiV.lsis. Dsnllst Walt, aa Vaaj aivsvv Tasss y*a tisasaJ -- 



1 Basket tor—'- --10 Ceak. 

6 " ** - SO " 

13 " " , - $1-00 

28 H " - $-.00 


a, 1. E. Banlci nnd Wat kins 

Ili 5. Left..,. .11. t!2 5 L.IU,.«J M 


LL* General Hauling 

A. WRIGHT, Manager. 

Phone: Bcmort 1851 R 27S3 WALNUT ST. 


Positively found 


the back 


■ found it, 
ear* for 
daehea, . paln,( i 
indigestion, sat 
braise*, son throat, bad, col 
aoUe,' its. 

And an eiet-Ihmt remedy fn 
Thane faeta nra variflad by m 
onlea of botn raaas. 
Afanta "anted everywhere. 'For par- 
tieolan.eall or write, A. B Green. USfi 
Wagoner Ave., Frt. I-ouls, M<- 


Don't forget the Catholic Knighti 
Ball,- April. ». at l*ythian Hall. 

WANT BD— Se v e ral 

represent the Argus, 
nnd good nppearanee. 
nec«asnrv. The right 
from IIS to *£5 per 
oaea at St Ixsiia Ar 
Market Street, hetwee 

rnung Indies ti ' 

Must be neat 

No erperiene'. 
kitid can msk, ; At 
«k,. Apply" at -John 





frieads a»d Mlmhlliisi f'.r their ki.nd 
nessr during the illness niid death M 
Bsj> beloved husband. r>ing Jewell 
atid for the besuiiful aWnl nfferUtt- 
and Rev. a. I.'ari f«r his wurds of sym 
pathy. The berenverl wife. 
Naanie E l>ieh-.„ Jew, 1. 




at ih,. 

rally for. the beaaRt of the haildlnii 
fund Easter Hunday night at * o'clock 
p. an. Rc.f.T Wentherford .ill deliver 
the priaeipal address, riohjwt: "Christ 
I; Risen A. He Hai<|." Other Bpiritaal 
adTaMTS will be present to entertain 
y-.ii. On Pahn Boaday Sowers, will be 
used isartaad of palnu. r'rrrybody is- 
v steal J. fl. Waatherfort;. Rector. Mrs.. 
Mi Owens, s~retary. 

ring the whercsliut- u 
formerly of Mani|isli 
sh'.uld 'nutify Captain Jnhnaus 
Ijclede Station or the Argu 
Bis sistei. Mrs..Rnneh, ai-he 
".from him. 


Invitation' for the Benev 
ler Pullman Portsrs' Banquet 
*.pril 10. can be had at 2711. 
Ave. Oeorgw J. 'Alexander 


And Look at My five Point Motor 
Player, IB17. We Have the Only 

One Is st Ln.iit 

We are pleaded to annonoce that Mi 

T. Kaxh. Prof. E, D.' Hamilton, an, 

r. J. R. 1j.ii. iag. nad Mn, G. Thoma 

■ speeially anthorlsed to take ■:.:■', 

lions ft»r membership In thr tH. Ltnii 

Oamp of" American Woodn 

campaign 'for l.AOfl Btemtms 

special dispesaation of (3.00. 

Martin, National Depaty. 


Deal tergal tha Catholic Haifa- 
Ball, Anril w, at Pythian Hall. 

i\gents Wanted 

ICALf TUATasENT ) »»^muw 

Why ean't I give you the same «r 
.better indur , m'ent. offered by any dsasT 
W whei 1 am backed by a W.OMi.onO 
capital! I 'sa aad do sell, at manu- 
f natural 's \-ritr. "Sly Bhnsr'room is 
small, but great is its factory n-»,,ur"-« 
Yon don 1 have tapay the middlemen's 
prim when y>ni bay from me. Prices , 
.ansa as '■■•' tbe faetory to your home. ' 
Player paBsvan, from UDO 'to 11.000; 
apaijrbis. -t»i ta BMM. V.,a don't asus* 
to wnrrv if tueen get hard, we can carry 
you ss long ss anysae-" Pkoae Booiont 
ITWW'ar- call at. my store. 2B0S Ijw- 
:-:-., Ave. " C'M. Watkin. 

Brick eottagea in Eltrardsville. 

monthly payments. Great bargains. 

yon are in the mar's", ee» a.e at ,, 

Hutehias Inge. 

Dona-Ian. Hotel Bsildiag. 2A4S fjs 

7^.^|^JP : 

: rr^ 


tub ax. Lent AJtatJB 

Negro Business 



r m w mmm m sr xv r mnr xss 



Peraonal, Bujineas and Pro- 
fasaional limij, Business 
Chances, For Sale or Rent 
Houmu. Store^Flata. 5c per 
line: minimum 15c. 

Help Wanted, Situations Want- 
ed, For Bent rEborne, Kooma 
and Board. 5c per line; mini- 
mum lac. 

Display A i- 50c per inch 
Special Ratei ( n 4-Ume Ada. 


TitB«r, Repairer and Feruabc*- 
of Piano* Reed and Pipe Orfjan 

Expert Work Guaranteed. 
H llJl W . V. MCA mu« 

TO! Lawton Ave. St. Look. 

ciias. s. vEsxnta. 

Sign Paluttr and Interior DhmM 

rint-oi*a» w«rfc 


The oM Pic kit Mora, Jifnn *ad 
awtea Atm. 0*1 rat* prleeej 
a*ra i* afte* imitated, but aeror 

NU.i beautiful I... »xlW, with 
a ate* three-room heme, eallai, vatar la 
haw*, (k aad gooa aiattra watea aa 
aha niilili, two pore bet on north aa* 
•nil ataav 6ruHaia ia trait, a**w 
Oaort Hnuao Worth K.SOe. aaa to 
bought fat U.fWB e*ak. 0*11 aaa tn- 
iptct, tU Baals man Ave. Apply at 
1ST Baaheaame Ala. Clayton, hi* Aah 
far Daaial Whit. (S-l*) 

FOB BALK: The owner aaya ''tall." 
Th'n u the beet bargain an ,W. Ball*. 
A five nud »n room mnglo flat. Oaa 
and electric ■ c ir™ In i»t»i .;« 
condition. Terma. ftS-^i^iU _ Scg J. Z. 

iltion. Term*. Ju -fait- _ ! 
chill, 2M1 Market. Tin 


V-.ii cannot aitord to neglect . jo# 

cyea. II ihey bother ion, ham than* 

tailed free, Glaaact fitted froaa tl.SS 

;; Fill e CD itiii' ciperienc*. 


iJJS htirkwt an. 



itemed and bondad, electrical 
iracior. We aritl wire roar oU 
new home and faruith 70*1 fi» 
■i and ffre iou aix month* !g» 

r 10 pay lor it Flr.i rented, *old 

repaired. _ _ 

The roee h an** f ' 
*Tbc violet* fAaaWt. 
I ■««! roar 
And ether* 

ma. 1311 Morgan. 

t-ainnnT STOfi Chat. H, 

FOR BENT.— Tbrr-a tingle room* 
tod bath, furniahcii; olectric light* and 
telephone free. Forett 3S95M. 

WANTED.— ^5 building wreck 
Bleaoy einpluytiiral, Uood. •■ 
OaaaaVBWvJt* Hail and. Steel Co., 
Branch Bi- 

rr work, 
1. Apply 
>303 Mar 

.WANTED— Men ' 
ateadv job, l«u- vei 
at the Qiit K.lf N« 
k*t ttreeL. - 

hfb'N tailored men 21 to 
IS Jeart of tga, "itbipg position* a* 
alMping ear porter* or train porters 
oa lllaaoari Made, aitM for ipplie.a 
tie* blank ami infurmaliun. No *x 
pariaace naci-Hxarv- 


ladlaaapolia. Tod. 

bntlaaaa partner vrilh caj>b .if 1300, to 
ge eaa-balf. lotereated truck farm- 
lag, pouItT anif bog raiting, with ttaad 
at t»M Lacltda, Farm at Barnbart, 
Mo, M mile* from St. Louii. B. 8. 

t'UH BALK; To CrjlOMd [HKiple, foui 
I.T-. 111 t'airinuiiiii Park. I'hi-ap. In 
q 111 re of Mr*. V. Bwr, .VWti Ucraldini 
Avcan*-. St l^uin, Mu 

POK -KKNT: Vorni-b.fl euora 
■Ha ,- Wuk ur .jitlmut board. 
Uaira, iW;',n 

rOB KENT: Wat. lor rolorr.1. r'tiur 
reo«f an.t balk, ■arroatt' floor . *1i.i"i 
Four on fan floor, tli.jd- 8033 
Cava Avruue. 

FOB RE>»-t:: Tare* r«.n... mod-r 
Chiidr"! not deiirable. 
rr ilaaaaabl* Phono Coif ax 
-Ur. K. Oraat, .10** Marnira. 

FOB SALE: Or.a lot (50* lifl I S"»th 
Kinloeh. Price «<W or will tmdr. 
Wkat kave Tout 'Addreaa Mr. Slog- 
■ui. 1431 Hodiamoot A**, St- Louia. 

lata, bath. etc. Fin 
5210 Local Ave. 1 

Lindell 32*0. 

id t 


■ :;-i- .. .i,].t Uke M, raat 1 
rooaa' in raape*' table faraile 
Lindell IM4 W 

rOfJ KENT h'.peetable fuailv af 
too kava a aeatlr faraianed room tor 
euonae or grailem-a Oall Liadall 

.FOa **!.»; llTi.-k ki an . aii re 
bait, [u aad furaao*. Opaa avarv 
H»*daT aftaraaoa at tkn* *V 
Taraaa. ebaap laM. W. B*U*. 

1TUK at,VT'— Two tnraiaaed frval 
■earn, with ■*a>rn eoavaaia 
aaave. He. lOtS Wkitlier 


Whita pcoplo who h*Ta booght nor* 
thin on* thonaand lot* la old Slaloch 
Park hava beau paving tha aaras price* 
oa tha aam* tans* aa U* Colorad peo- 
jily wbo hava bought in Bonth Klsloeh 
Park. It thera 1* any diSaraaaa, the 
Colorad paopla have baea getting tbe 
beat of it, beeaoa* Booth Kinloch Park 
la Bearer the city and. ha* better itreet 
ear aarvie.*. 

The good Colored people uf Somh 
'Kialoeh Park hava built thetuelvet a 
little city of whleh they hava a right 
to be proud. 

Hon than a hundred homta, three 
ehnreh**, and a tplendiii public aebool 
hav* b*en built in the laat few yrora. 
And now w* have ■omcthlng new 
that i* going to man a bigger and bet 
tar Sooth Kialoeh Park. 

We have been able to induce a num- 
ber of white' people of good .standing 
to (one In with hi and eo operate wltl 
ua — tn help with their money, their in 
Boeoce and their good will to make 
South Einlooh Park a bigger and bet 
ter place for tha Mlf-Teepeetlng Ne^ro 
to live and make hie homo. 

We have given theee people ■ big 
*har* of our proflta ' In order to got 
their help, beeana* we believe it 1* for 
the benefit of everybody concerned 

W* hav* alway* been ready to gtve 
land to the ohnreaee at a nominal price 
— became we believed they would help 
South Kinloch Part 

Wo hav* alway* bean randy to give 
land to aflhoola and public Inatltntlnni 
*t a nominal prices — beeaoai w* believed 
tbey would help Bonth Kinloch Park. 
And now we are giving land to a ear. 
tain number of whit* people of c ■■'( 
(landing at a nominal pnre beoanse 
we bellave their money, tbnir inDncDce 
and their good will are going to help 
Booth Kinloch Park. 

If yon hav* any friend* who have 
been thinking of buying, urge them to 
cam* out now, beeaue there are bigg" 
and better things la ator* tor Boutk 
Klnloeh Park. 



Spirit Mediun 

"id»j, , HU 

For Sale 

Beat bargain on W. Belle. 
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East India Hair Grower 

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The remedy contains medical proper- 
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oest known remedy for Heavy and Beautiful Black 
Eye-Browa, also restores Gray Hair to its Natural 
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It toll at 

2117 Market St. 

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The New i'tnaion Law take* ia »id- 
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Kingaton. Ga., Dec. 4, 1916. 
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Sold by druggists, or sent direct, for 25c, po»t- 
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Writs that ward niga In all thi otlng 
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caa every true American dtlien moat 
acmara np to. It ia not traa n-erely 
becatis* he add It bat Preaideiit WU- 
aaid rtwntly what »- tremen- 
dously traa; 

"The ni-.i nw of tala nation ii marked 
ant dearly for the next daxada at least. 
What we shall do attar that depeads 
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Tbe Ant alep La reachlog that poao- 
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To promote good teallna amoncj 
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Aft*rward, meet your ooilgav 
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'! Emu SfrXUL, OFFER ^V* ^ 'iVi. 






TKXT-H* did ,««.-«(■ i 3:6. ' . 

From these three words, mil the tor. 
row and ■iKTcrlnff, all the distress and 

V > 

word*, and what 
they Imply, there 
would Deter hove 
been ■ funeral, 
Dor an - aching, 
heart; never a 
tear on the face 
ot an; human be- 

The Fact of Sin. 
The coo science 
bear* Mil; 
that man la a 
ner. The highest 
p h I 1 o a o 1 
heart witness and 
i h-.' Word of God fully confirms the 
L wltnest of cetwdencB, philosophy and 
experience, that man If a sinner. 
The Nature of Sin, 
It waa a very simple thing which 
man did.. There wat nothing evil In 
the tree of which he did eat, (or God 
bad declared that tbla tree, together 
with all other* In the garden, waa- very 
food. It waa Jnat one step that he 
took, bat It waa like a atep over a 
precipice. It needed no second atep, 
A very simple thing, but In eating he 
donbt* Ood'a love, for he had been as- 
anred of- God'a love, he would ha 
beta assured that tha commands of 
God were for Ma hlgheat good. Bat 
doubting Ood'a lave, be acta apart 
from God. choosing his own way rath- 
er than Ood'a, and so becomes, a .tin- 
ner. Hit own way waa not necessarily 
an evil way, as man calls evil, but 
waa not God'a, and therefore sin came 
in. Secondly, In eating he doubts 
Sod's word. Thlt Is necessarily the 
second step, for be. who doabta God's 
love will doubt Sod's word, and doautt- 
Ing God's word, he 'bets contrary W 
God and becomes criminal. Sin Is not 
' merely the disease of which some 
Umentalltts speak, bat sin Is a crime. 
carrying a penally which must be met 
Thirdly, in eating, be disputes God's 
authority. And so he acta In spite of 
, God. and thereby becomes a rebel and 
enemy. This. then. Is the nature of 
slo. It makes tbe oue whom It touches 
to be not only a sinner bat a criminal. 
guilty before the bar of God's Justice, 
and so enemy against. God'a govern- 
meat. Tbe tinner, then. Is one who 
would overthrow God and place him- 
self on the throne of tbe universe. 
The Results sir Sin. 
Tbe first result of sin la shame, 
which lateen wben.they strive to bide 
their nakedness with the aprona of 
fig-leaves,. . These aprona Speak Of 
their clothe themselves vritb 
a righteousness which, will make them 
comfortable In the pretence of eacb 
Other, a aelf-rlibteouaoett adopted to 
hide their 'Mute 

Thlt it followed, by .separation from 
:God, for when God cornea upon the 
'tcene, they bide themselvea among the 
trees of the tardea. ' 

It I*' to be noted that the separation 
Is formed by man and not by God. 
These are the first results of sin: 
ahame. self-rlgbteontnese, separation 
from God. 

God's Treatment of tbe tinner. 
First, he seeks him. In seeking. 
God reveals his own love for man and 
ales the character at man, for when 
he flnda hi in he says: "I beard tby 
voice and was afraid became I was 
naked." Sal tbla .Is a lie. for man 
was naked before and unafraid. Be 
; la afraid only when God comes on the 
tcene, and that because he la a sinner 
and a criminal and the enemy of God. 
The seeking of God proves man to be 
morally wrong, for be la a coward. st- 1 
tempting to hide behind a woman. 
He Is shown io be menially wrong for 
he tries to He to tbe Sod ; he knows 
be Is lying.. It showa bint to be spir- 
itually blasphemous, •rcusfna; God of 
hit sin. Implying that If God bad never 
given him the woman he would never 


CBt B. O. 9ELLHB& Acting Dtraetor of 
tha Hunoair OcnoolCours* to UM Maoaj 
Blola InatlluU of Chicago.) 

(l'0[>) illlit. Ill), 

This provision '.* fouad In tbe twen- 
ty-first verse, tod It will be noted thai 
this provision la made by God;, not 
by God and man. It Is. therefore, all 
of grace. Further, It Is made by sac- 
rifice — the shedding of blood, for "with- 
out the shedding of blood there Is 'no 
remission." aid those who do not look 
for salvation by blood, look not U.t the 
salvation spoken of In tbe Scripture*. 
for the crimson mark of the blood' ot 
the Lamb of God la seen on every page 
of Holy Writ, 

Lastly, this provtrion la made 
through a substitute, and the covering 
of the sahsdeote covers the sinner. 
Thlt. then, la the provision that God 
hat nude for the sUuht and bis sin. 
He taken, the sin away by the preetewi 
blood of his own •ncrtOre, the Latah 
of God. so. that the seuerer can any: 
"Ha bath asade him to be aU for « 
we aalgkt be 
i of God in tins." 

Can teres Only- One Master. 
Tea cannot serve two roasters : yocj 
most ttrsa nae* or the ether. If yew 
*0fk IS trat with yon. and your fee 
*reoss*. tasrfc h>' yeas' master, ana the 
lord of week, she Is God. Bat If tonr 
fee is test wtttJ yea. and juer week 
Seconal fee tt yoar aaaarer. sen) 'he 



LKSHOS TEXT— John »:1-U. JS-H. (Bead 
«tlra MUM] 

world.— Jobs ■*, . 

Thin, another of the stent which 
Jetua performed, It recorded only 
John. It probably occurred In Octo- 
ber, all months before the crucifixion, 
while Jesus waa attending the Feast 
of the Tabernacles. There ar? -"- 
other cases of blindness recorded 
having been cured. Look* them up. 

I. The Caaa (vr. 1-4). It was abno 
Jutely hopeless. No human skill could 
touch It, but Jesus "passed by. 
that changed everything. What men 
cannot do Jesus can. Jesus In passing 
today, and we may expect things quite 
as wonderful to happen (John 14; 12) 
This blind man Illustrates tbe unsaved 
tinner (I Cor. 2:14). He never bad 
teen. He was beyond human help (v. 
32). He had doubtless given up all 
hope of seeing. He vat without sym- 
pathy, suspected and despised (vr. 2, 
Bt). . Poor— be waa a beggar. - He it 
also a type of the nation of Israel 
(Rev. 3:17). We. moat not attempt to 
explain all sickness (v. 3). God fre- 
quently uses It for the advancement 
of his klniitlom (John 11:4). Jeans 
hot only ]':.■—■■! by but he "saw." The 
feeling of the crowd Wat that of curi- 
osity aud contempt Hit feeling waa 
that of compassion (vv. 2, 4 and 6). 
Sick nets sometimes manifests God's 
sustaining grace (II Cor. 12:8-10). It 
la duubticwi true that n large percent- 
age of sickness la the direct result of 
sin (John 5:14; Mk. 2:0; Acta 12:23), 
■onset of course, indirectly (Job 23:14- 

II. The Cure (vr, Ml). The word 
fmusl" in verse four la a strong one. 
The, time fur us to do on*- work ia 
"now," This word "must" carries -with 
It the idea of a divine imperative, and 
the reason for that Imperatlveneaa Is 
the approaching "night" Night la 
coming fast when no man can w^rk. 
Notice tbe works we are to do are not 
our own, but "the works of Mm that 
■eat me." Compare carefully verses 
two and four, and see that Jeans con- 
sidered delivering the man from evil 
far more' Important ihaa specnletina; 
about tbe origin of hit complaint Too> 
much time \jt spent In Investigation. 
Let us have more of action. The 
means used in thlt cure were clay and 
spittle. The miracle was performed In 
plain view of all who- might see. The 
man did not ask Jess* to help him, bat 
Jesas bad gone where he was (v. 6). 
His words, !*Qo wash." were a test of 
the mans faith; (it Kings B:10-14), 
snd'hii. part 1q The rtuiuurtlun waa a 
testimony that Ifwaa Chriat who 
worked tbe cure. The nae of the 
material means in thlt ceremony made 
the man more willing to. go and waah. 
It gave him something to do, and doing 
la always an end to faith. Slloam 
means "sent," snd was a type of Jesus 
himself (v. 4; John 10:36; Horn. 8:3; 
Gal 4.4). If we wish to receive sight 
for our blind eyes, we should go to 
him and buthe (John 3:12). \ 

lit Tha Controversy (v, 12 to end of 
Chapter). This controversy gave op- 
portunity for testimony, is we 
already seen,* first of all Opoo the part 
of Ifeej man whose testimony whs pro- 
Jve. At first he "merely spoke of 
the fact He was not acquainted with 
i. for be eslls him "The man 
called Jesus." . Later en he la moved 
all him a "prupbf t" He Is a 
prophet (t. IT), and later Hill he 
recognises him. as "The Son of God" 
35-.1S). This controversy estab- 
lished beyond question the fsct of tbe 
care. It brought oat tbe -deity of 
Christ (v. 33). The man was eicoro- 
nauulcaled. but for that matter he was 
already ouralde because of his physical 
Infirmity, but, best, .if alt be became 
truly Christ's disciple, - .." 

IV. Comments. This lesson with lis 
Vivid. coulnuta of belief and unbelief 
gives us a ' wonderful opportunity to 
urge upon pupils a decision to live the 
Christian Ufa, Haa Christ opened the 
eyes of onr scholars Io the love of 
God, to Ibe awfulhesa of sin, to tbe 
need of a Savior, our divine Leader 
and. Brother! Urge them; In the class 
and- (int. to be as outspoken and cour- 
ageous for, Christ a* was this maa who 
had never before perhaps teen or 
beard of Jeans, and whose gratitude tt 
once railed forth this) wonderful con- 

Being cast out by 
synagr^n^ hrtwght 
and deeper ',■'■ 
loo with Jeans. 
- Be bat} believed far 
his bidding, and had that been healed. 

Now be ta brought to a great sav- 
ing, transfnrmmg faith, rit. that Jama 
st the Son ofOod. 

Do we take advantage of onr privi- 
lege of ronfe^doett ' 

Before i"bri-ii came then were no 
-lie It the Inspiration of til charitable 
hksttnttona. but healing. of the body la 

+ + + + + +++ ++++ + + ++ + + * + +.* + + + + 

Church Directory 

+ .-,* + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + ^. + JL + + f 

A. ML E. Church, St Ferd- Northern Baptist Church, GOO S. Ew- 

i ii and and Pendleton Streets— Sunday, 
8uudsy- school, 9.-30 «. in. Preaching, 
11 a. m., tad 8 p. m. Young Peoples' 
Soeletlae, S to T:30. Onus meeting, 
Tuesday, fiev. William H. Peek, 

vvard Chape! A. II. E. Chares. Eln. 
Hunday-scboo), 1:30 p. m.; Ttmrsdav. 
'Dr.*" meeting, 8:00 p. m. J. W. Gar. 
ser, pastor, 
■oeh. Mo. — Sunday, PreaeUag 11 a. m.: 

St. Peters' A. U. E. Church, Elli- 
ot and Montgomery Sis-. Sunday 
•'reaching, .11:00 ». nx, and 8:00 p 
m. Sunday-school. 2 p. in, 

Bov. a 8. Pitcher, pastor. 

St Marks A. M. E. Zion 
Ltfflngwsll sad Bernard St.— 
at lliOO a. 1:1. Sundaj--acbool at 1:00 
p.m. Claas meeting, Friday evening at 
8:00. Reverend P. W.-AIstork, the pas- 
tor, will preach special sermons, morn- 
ing and evening. ' 

£1 Bowen St Preaching. 11 :Q0 a. m. 
and 8:00 p. m. Sunday-school. 9:00 a 
m. Class meeting, Tbu/sday. 

Rtr. T.' L. Watson, Pastor 

M. E. CHTJBCH, 6S18 
Weils Ave.— Pnaehlng Sundays, 11 a. 
a, and 8 p. m. Sunday School, 1 p. 
m. Prayer meeting, Tkuradsyi, 8 p. 
m. Bev. E. Tj. Clarka, paater. 

Grant's A. M. K Church, 07H Blaek 
Ave. — Snaday preaehlag at 1 1 a. m. and 
8 .p. m aunday-sehool 3 p. m. Mr. 
Blaek well. Bupt Bev. W. H. Faarson, 
pastor. Residence 308* Piu St. 

Wayrnan A. M. E. Church, 23rd and 
Wash Street.— Preaeliing 11 asxo. snd 
8 p. m. Endeavor 1:30 p. m. Clan 
meeting Tuesday, 8p ,m. Prayer meet- 
ing Thursdsy, S p. m. Rev. A. B. 
Dobbins, pastor. 
Sunday schml, 1:30 p. m. 

First Baptist Church, 1328 Clark 
Avav— flnnday preaching 11 a- m. and 
8 p. m. Bnnday-Khool, 0:30 a. m. B. 
Y. P. U. 8:30 p. m. Preaching, Wednes- 
day night by local preaehsra. Prajer 
meeting, Friday 8 p. m. Bev. Wm. O. 
Davis, pastor, «m Lscky Bt. 

First Baptist Church of Kinloeh, 
Mo. — Snaday, preaching 11 a. a. and 
8 p. m. Sunday^ehool at 10 a. m. 
Bible roading at 8:30 p. m. Weekly 
meetings, Tuesday ssd Thursday at B 
p.m. 'Communion, second Sunday in 
each month. Bev. P. Hopla, pastor;. E_ 
I. Brown, clerk. 

Leonard Avenne Baptist Charah: M 
S. Leonard Ave. — Sunday, Preaching 
11:011 a. a. sad 8 p. m. Sunday 
School 1:00 p. m. BY P. I.i. S:00 p. 
m Prayer Meeting Wednesday night. 
Bev* P. W. Dunavant, Fast, 
ET49 Walnut 

tag Ave.-TSunday service, prayer to 
ing, S:30 a. m.; preaehing, 11:30 a. m., 
tad "8 p, m.; Sundsy- school, 1 p. m.; 
B, Y. P. D., 8:30 p. m.; Miaaion Circle, 
7:30 p. m. each Monday; preaehing, 8 
p. m. each Wednesday; prayer meeting each Friday, [lev. J. C. 
tin, pastor; residence, 2710 Mills 

Tnoernacls Baptist .Churoh. mi Puie 
it. Pnncbmi auiiuuya. n s. o. ana 1 
I p. 'in. B. T. P. 


Seooo d Baptist Church, Kinloeh 
Park — Preaching, Sundays, 11 a. M 
snd 8 p. m.; Bun day -school, 1 p. m.; 
WetUy meetings, Wednesday and Fri- 
dajSi 8 pm. Bev. Timothy Font, 812 
B. Qahrison'Ave., BL Louis, Pastoi 

llouat Olive Baptist Church, 1429 
N. 12th Street— Preaching every 8nn 
day, 11 a. m., S p. m. and 8 p. m. 
Sandsy-sclool, 1 p. uu; B. Y. P. O, t):3( 
p.. m.; Ultsidn Circle, fourth Sunday 
la each month. Bev. D. W. Morris, 

An tinea) Baptist Chnrch, North iter- 
ktt and Qoode Ave. Preaehlag, Bun- 
anja at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Sunday 
Behool at 1 p. m. a T. P. U. at 8:30 
p. as. Prayer meeting, Wednesday at 
1 p. ni. Communion Bervieea, Second 
Sunday in each mosth. Bev. Wm. L 
Perry, 1L D. Pastor. 

Third Corinthian Baptist Church, 
1IU and Biddle streets.— Sundsy. 
prtyer masting, 6 p. m. Presohiug, 11 
a. m., 3 p. m. and 8:30 p. m. Bundsy 
school, l[,n. Prayer meeting, Tues- 
day night. Preach in g„ Thursday night. 
Fourth Bundsy in each month Coven- 
ant and Communion. Bev. J. W. Hall, 
pastor; M C. Croaby, clerk; Pete 
Brown, treasurer. 


pretehrng 11 a. ma. end 8 p. an. «aa- 
dij-aehool, 1 p. m. B. Y. P. D. T p. 
tn. Prayer meeting, Friday S p. m. 
Covenant sad Lord's Supper, fourth 
Bundsy 3 p. m, UUssion Circle Prsyer 
Meeting third Friday, 8:30. p. m. Bev. 
E» Calvin Cole, pastor, 3121 Pair Ava. 

Corinthian Baptist Church, «4S 
Antelope, Sundsy Preaehing, 11:00 ■ 
at, and 8:00 p. ru. Babbath school. 
10:00 a. m.; B. Y. P. U, 8 p. m. W..J 
aatdsy: Pteaehlng 8:00 p. rn_, Frldsy: 
1'rsyer Meeting, 8 p. m., Missioe asrv- 
its,. third Friday, 8 p. m. Business 
meeting Friday before the fourth 
Lord's day in each month. Bev. Wm. 
■rean. Pastor. 

E. Church, Webtts 
at 11 a. in. and 7:3 

Babbath School S a. tn. Bev 
Pearson, Pastor: A. J.. Saunders 


Aabury Memorial M- E. Church, 
Cottage Ave. Sunday school. 6:30 a. 
m ; preaehing 11 a. m. and 8 p. m 
Epworth League. 7 p. m. Class meet 
esrg and Bible class. Wednesdav, K p 
Rev. W. W. jfJoff, pastor. 



2918 Laclede Avenue 

Bunds? -scltool st IS'n. m. Presek 

ing 11 a. in. and 8 p. a. Bible Band 

st S:30: Prayer services Thursday 

nights. Bev. B. Foster, Paator. 

Redemption of Souls Spiritual Church, 
815- H. Beaumont Street- Sunday 
school service 10 s. m. church service. 
It s. m. anl So. nt- snd messages 
Meeting at ' 8. p. m. Wedrieaday and 
Thursday Seaacs at 8 p. m. "Tuesday 
snd Friday, .Mrs. Julis Johaton, ora 
ete: Bev. James D. Miller, pastor; 
Henry Green, president; Miss A. L 
Voorhies, secretary. 

ThesssJontsn Missionary' Baptist 
Church— 504 Montrose Ave. Sunday, 
prsyer meeting S i. ro.; preaehing. 11 
a. m.. and 8 p. m_: Sunday-school 1 p. 
m.; R Y. P. D. .0:30; Wednesday,' 
preaching 8 p. in.; Friday, prayer meet- 
tag 8 pm.: Missionary ftoelety, flm; 
and third Tuesday ia each month at 8 
p. ta. Kov.. David Tyler, paator. 


•1S32. I'spin Street. Presehinu. aeeund. 
thir-i sad fourth Sunday* .in rark 
moolh. ii II a m. and S p. m. Sun- 
day school 1 p. m. : »'. E. society, (!:.Tfl 
p. m. Pre-riinK WrtlnnaWy night, ■ 
p. m. Pmyer nieetiog Friday 8 p. m, 
Cnsiniun'mH irt\ isssj sseosd Sandsy in 
esch aioAth. Bev. A. H. . Bostie, r pas, 
ror. phone- Central MM or Olive lfi7ft\ 
anr time Or.,,. - , m. io I2:.10 p. m. 

Mt. Olive Baptist Charah No. t, 1400 
Morgan BL Sunday, prayer meeting, 
S a. m. ; preaching, 1 1 a. a., 3 p. m. and 
8:30 p. m. Sunday-school, 1 :J0 p. m. 
Prayer meeting and Mission Circle, 
Tuesday night. Prayer and praise 
meeting, Friday night. Third Sunday 
Is asrh . month Covenant meeting 
Fourth Bundsy communion. Be*. A. 
Dickson, pastor, nomas Miller, clerk. 


Spiritual Christian Union Church, 

9727 lawtoii Avenu'.. Sundays 8 p. in. 

Fridays, 8 p. m. j: 8. Westherford, 

rector; Mrs, M. Owens, assistant sad 




Try The Argus 

BtlL Bomont \ ■...„. 


Ice and Wood, Coal By the Basket or Ton. 

Ash Hauling and Express 


The Christian Spiritualist Church h.s 
moved from 2.130a Wash 8t, to B17 N 
Leonard Avenue. Herviqes every 
Tuesday and Friday at 8:00 p. m. 
Catch Hodiamont ear, 'get off at 3300 
Franklin Ave., walk north to 917 
Leonard Ave.. Mr. and Mrs. Cranksb 

Mount Zion Baptist Cirarcb, if, J J 
PapLn St. Sundsy: Preaching. 11:011 
a. m, and S -Xi p. m., Sunday-school 
;3() D. m> Prsyer rnceting. Friday. 
IflO p. tn, ■"■"." 

Dr. J. Douglass Herben. Pastor. 

Latharn Cnnrch, 1T0I Morgan Bt— 
Bnnday preaching 8 p. m. Bonday- 
' oel S p. m. Catechetical lustres- 
i, Thursday, H p. m. Daj Behool. 
ry day, » a. S3. — 3 p. m. Rev. O. A. 

The (Tbnrrh of Ood snd ssmta oi 
Christ, 40(14 Finney Avenue.— Services 
Snaday at 7:M, Wednesday st 7:30 
F-i'lsy. at 7:30 Batnnlsy (Sabbstb) ai 
11 a. m. and rest of th* day Klder J 

uniuniuii of Siiuto'Siiiritual 'Thureh 
held their icgnlar- services Ivisday 11 

nee Tuesday and Friday at 4 p. m.. 
dnete.l hv Mr.. Caroline Arm. lead 
and" it. Astninette llnward. R. N. Miss 
mitin-' Hatch, secretary; ('ordelia 
Andereoii. treasurer: M. Antoinette 
ward, R \. psstor; Mrs Csrrie Par-. 
[son. assistant pastor. StU 
• Cent tMloR 

Harry M. Boeckniann 

2715 Franklin Ave. 

HjodJriuJl-a Flats ariJ Itount to Rant to Culoreil People. Call i 
Phone, Good* Service. 

WOLF BROTHERS Hair Straightening Ootfit 

nomciT.Diel«10sr>iiairti rhlmnft.. Wit'ir.rif cd'urt',1, . r ..;, ...,-r "mi., r ,,i tI an lies! wm 
8tral«bl«nlnstaBtiorI1jr]iinlriyT,.,iiirllis„J.alr:r Ktmon sudjustuu Ihnn luiliartlm 

Tbou^adi «--- vsloa ibesa o«flia ■ 

WOLF BROS. 1214 ft 



Take cart of your annpiann— ' 

and your comp/toon will lob* Cava of youl 
Choose sttstc aim: CMOOUt CRCtfC CLCAVA 
THE IMRE, Damrv. TOlUT eeajtai TK»T has STOOD 

"Makes tt* ikinlikt velvt' 



TflitiT.. NCW 

a InsureYourTeeth 

.Better than the 
1 dentifrice you 




■/" - ; v "*" . ~" * "W. r 



Saturday. March 31 
Utg 'our Savior's, last crucial 
n. Alto Keystone 

'The Collegs Boys' Special.' 

Monday. April 2 




Jay— M'rs.' Vtruun Castb 
■Ian Ham and IluJ Com 

Ccystone t'omrdics. 
nesday— ' ' Gran t, Folic 
•Secret KinRdom" an 

Comet Odeon Specials 

2 1 it and Market 

"The Eternal City" ~"AN ALIEN" 

j' APRIL 3 APRIL 10 

Never Shown Befare For Leas Than 25c, 

■day.— BliM Bird Ph'o 


■ Every Monday 



VTOPi*. aoriL 

Tali "!';i:i: 11" room hotel hu opened 
on ler new management. A nice hotel 
for family or transient w. Newly dee 
orated and has 16 baths, steam heat 
Kates reasonable. Bev. N. A. Mitchell. 
proprietor, :.<>:■ Morgan street, BH. 
Louis. Mi Phona Bomottt 1STT. 


Wit Pint St 

Every Sunday evening. Sea Baa. 
agement- James I. . Hall and James 
Wait*. .urcensors to Prof. J. C. Lueky 
Music bi Academy Orchestra. Ladies 
adn -.-- I free. Oents, IS seats All 

ib »ant a home cooked, Sunday 
■lop ft Swans Candy Kitchen 
■■■■* luneh dally. Dinner mm 


Sail made to metek any eestumi. alao 
b'.oekvd. Any design copied. Shapes 
far tale, trlauaed free. Prises reason- 
able kin. Wav Mnekliu, 4171 8L Terd 




Yea mnsi naattieeJf ken— tide adhr. 



v 1420-22 MARKET STREET 

Are carefully setee ted and presented properly at great exponas with 
inmous (7,000 Orchestration, equal to 9 pieces »l good orchestra, inc 
m*np.peorsnn. Refined eurroundinw 
to please 

OPEN 10:00 X 

ur patrons should not miss any of them, because they are 



Wednesday -The greatest and 

most Henaational serial. Featuring 

Thursday - The Prepare dne 
serial "PaTRIA" featuring th e 
World's Greatest Dan«r MRS. 

Saturdny-The Secret Kingdom 
featuring DOROTHY K 


The revival Is Mill going on, and tha 
Lord ban blessed ua with 82 souls for 
baptism. Wo are still going on, and 
will ask the co-operation of the pub- 
lic In general. We hope to have onr 
usual n amber for baptism by. Barter 
Sunday. Bev. O. C. MaiteeJ], of La 
Fayette, Ind., preached two wonderful 
sermons for us this week. He left 
Tuesday night for his home. We wish 
to call your attention to out Sunday 
school, which convenes at 1:30 o'clock 
p. m. The best in the city. Don't 
.fall .to visit class Number 1, as It la 
the Banner Class. .Class No. 2, the 
men's' class, is 'doing nil they can %a 
got the barnier, better come and help 
them. Sisters' prayer meeting ovary 
evening from 3 to 5 o'clock. Thore 
will be three funerals Bonday. Bev. 
J. K. Parker, Pastor, Mrs. M. Holt, 



A liijih class stow; with plenty of 

avettr, '" °* the bonras at the Booker 
'aahington Theater this week. Four 
nut lots, all features, constitute the 

Venable and Clifford, in a singing 
!iil dancing act, open the show. Sarah 

of her eiiellent buck dancing. Clifford 
a youn*st*r with Inlent ami does 
I'll. Thn act ia making a big hit. but 
uulj be stronger if the team discarded 
e old jr>kes-ru- its repertoire. 
The Yokabonia Jape, a mu and worn- 
i, hnve ii novelty balancing and sleek 
ire performance. Thev perform set-. 
al difni'iilt stunts and a rv generously 

Akers and Jackson, In a . comedy 
•ketch, keep the audience io a eontinu 
ipruer. lint lie Akers, late ot the 
t Set. is a talented comedienne. 
She get" a barrel of fun out, of her ef- 
flirts to win a husband with her money. 
Jackson possesses an excellent liarl. 
Voice. They . close "with Miss 
Akers' last season's sung hit. "Don't 
Do That To Me." 

own and Brown close the show 
wilh ■ musical nnd danetng aet thai 
tares n tremendous hit. .'They sing 
trend Monu-.. while the female Uiemtier 
lay- n >et of instruments rilled organ 
kbnea and (he man n banjo. Their 
'Chinatown,'* with the man char 
rli-riAing n blnck f'nee rhinsuun, and 
ieii tloal wing nnd dance. "At the 
lull, "draw rnuorea. The act is novel 
nd original and big enough for any 
tagv. The entire -hnw ponsenses nbout 
a niiieh real class is has been asueinbleil 
t this theater in 1 long time. 

i'.rd and Market 

Starting Monday. April 2 
Biggest, Best and Most Kipcnsiv 
■ " of the Season 

Boyal Hindoo Necromancers 


Biggest s:id Highest Prieed'Ae-t ii 



A new Universal aerial, "The Voice 
on the WlreT" will stut at tae Booker 
Waettingtun t belter Monday night, 
April lK This is. another "mastery 
photoplay with thrilling ineidrn^s and 
desperate deeda. It in a iriftnng ie 
;,■■•■''■■.. story tracing eieitiag clues el 
al peculiar agency called ■ ' Sen Si ■ V so. ' ' 
«>hich causes the death of a somber of 
promises to be the 
4 nil p h o t o serial*. " ' 
On the Wire," will keep you 


ii.i ■»■ ■ ■ »■ ■ TW sxt aasa kt eaustsil as ns> 

eaa^ *■■*■■,«» •« rafc s— ,, 

m, nSBjH If. t*m W - SI -rat •> seraa* as •» 


612-1 EASTON AVE. ' 

llipi ■ — ava. 


The qncsijon asked by all photoplnv 
fans wke ndntire photoplays thai please, 
•ill be answered Tuesday. April's, Eler- 
bani Oay. when tbe kut Epieode .1 
"Pearl of the Army" will be shown st 
the New Mavis Theater. Thin picture 
hoaae will skew a new serial, starring 

The American 
Theatre Prices 

The people will resent the price* 

barged at the American Theatre wan 

the Smart Set mikes their second ap. 

in" there Sunday. Not becnu-r 

they do not admire and appreciate tta 

Colored jierformers, but because of the 

iscriminntion in rhi- prices charged to 

ie white and the Colored patrons. 

It was .pointed out last week bo* 

thai the white patrons enjoyed the brat 

for less money, while tha Color, d 

pnlnan (because of their admiratina for 

Colored performers) were charge J 

higher prieen for cheaper seats. 

This is in injustice that tha atagnc* 

I nut compelled to submit, to. It is 

so an injustiee lo the performen. If 

gh prices are neresaary on account .if 

large troupe, n raise in prices should 

ply lu ail seats alike. 


be shown at (h< 
Tuesday, April 3 


pec tae Ie marks 
new era in dramatic pic t u rizn t ion. 
'or- tbe first time in the history of mo- 
ion pictures the Vatican Garden^, the 
'oliseum. .St. Peter's, the Castle of 8L 
Angelu'j, nnd. mnny other historic and 
naive spots in the Imperial City 
been used as settings for a across 
production. No snmmary of bare facts 
dequatcly describe the nstoundiag 
r and charm of the nbjeet. Tha 
pictorial version of Hall Catae'i thrill' 
g romnnce presents the itirring in- 
cidents aaiii rlimaica, the nobility nnd 
rsgedy, the elements of love and be- 
trayal ind the beautiful ideals and 
initios of the original plot. 'with a 
r range, in truer colon and with 
or strokes than were possible in the 
I ur play, and will therefore rertder 
aspiring story its greatest measure 
■ mortality. 


There, will be a big rally Sunday, 
Ipri! 1, at Corinthian Baptist Church, 
HIS Mine. Street, South St. Louis, frost 
2:30 p. ni. to 3:30 p. m'. Free. dinner 
fter the collection, come, bring your 
riends and help ua. Take Briia.lway 
arguing south, (let off n I 7600, walk 
nc and one-half blocks west to the 
hurcb- Rev. V. Bates, Pastor. 

Tbe .Sunday services were largely 
trended nnd full of inspiration. An 
vcrwhelming crowd assembled lo hear 
re. Peck, in the third of 1 the series ha 
■ preaching on "Pilgrim's Progresn." 
These sermons nrs full of.tliought aad 
are teaching wonderful !.■-,.'.„. b) the 
Ald.'.aa well as the young Christians. 
The Endeavor choir furnished swact 

Tbe "Cradle Roll" will have promo- 
tion .eiereiaea Maoday. morning. The 
tuperintendent, Mrs. Ella Jones, is 
making elaborate preparation. The 
rally is on in full blast. The captains 
can truly ainff. "The Fight ia On." 
Their slogan is. "Burn the Mortgage'' 
and "Build a Parsonage.." 

Eiperieae* as* saeasssrv 
Argus OSUe. 13*1 Market St. 
* and S u. a 

I wish to announce to the people of 
St. Louis nnd vicinity that I have. re- 
cently opened a store at 1*17 Law-ton 
Ave. with a stock consisting of slight- 
ly used furniture, rugs; staves sad 
earpeta. Also keep constantly on haasi 
a line of new goods' anch as cooking 
utensils, brooms, bowls nnd pitrttats, 
•haveln, eoai bods and nuuy ,ther 
things too numerous M- meition. 

Slightly nasd furniture bought, aaal 
and riohnnfed. No furniture allowad 
to leave the Man nutans in- good rv- 
pair. AH irerk nan* by •spirt work 

A call at our store will ronviaee la- 

-iting you «o jo,« th. ranilly growing 

list of my eustasners, I am, Years traly, 

- »- T. dSswUa. 

Kinlaeh, Csratnl SITIL 

The Union met with thi 
.venue Baptist Church, He' 
Clemuiuns, pastor. Vice- President Dii 
onductcd tho meeting. An. eaeal 
paper was read by little Miss 
Busby, of Bothel Baptist Church. The 
sermon by Hev. Wv W. Pjrry r 
eating one. Pastor Clommoi 
hia Jock should he commended for tho 
way they freely give money. . Each 
church should follow their example. 
The nr,« meeting' will be at Mt. Olive 
Baptist Church. 1105 Morgan Street. 
Sermon by Hev. L. H. Chainy. Sunday, 
April 1, Woman's Union will meet 
with the Pilgrim Circle, Cole Brilliante 


Rev. Bowe, of Compton Baptist 
Church, preached us a wonderful ser- 
mon at 2:30 p. m. The Bible Institute, 
conducted by Kov. Herbon, of Mt. Zion 
Baptist Church, was quite instructive. 
Our church ia improving, both spirit- 
ually nod- financially. A Pound Party 
was given Bev. Perry last Thursdsy 
night, and n neat little sum of (2.SQ. 
Mra. W. W. Perry, oar pastor's wife 
is on the sick lilt, Everyone ia wel- 
come to onr serriies. W. W. Pony, 
Paster; L. Piskney, Secretary. 



in the. 


We rejoice with tho pastors of the 
local churches in hearing of their suc- 
cess. We have aecured the service of 
Bey. P. J. Jackaon, of Atlanta, Ga. Be 
in your scats at a p. m_ Tbe hand of 
church fellowship was given to a host 
of new -members last Sunday after- 
noon, at. (he regular communion serv- 
ice. We. invite our friends and well 
wishers to be wilh us Sunduy nil day, 
A number of the pastors of the city 
have been invited to be with us at 
the 3 o'clock service. Our choir is 
preparing special music for Esstcr. 


Kev. Brother J. Ford preached for 
us last. Sunday morning. His subject 
was "These are the Wounds That Were 
Inflicted in the House of My Friends." 
Dr. Morris also, delivered a profound 
sermon of deep intensity last Sunday 
night. Three ' persons "were united' to 
the cbuich. ctlrnngers and vlaitori are 
cordially welcomed lo our. midst. Tie 
pastor has a'. fitting and timely topic 
for you nest Sunday. Bev. D. W. Mor- 
ris. Pastor. 


"Hunahiney was the theme of Bev. 
W. B. 'obnaon's discourse last Sunday 
morning and to asy that it was handled 
in a masterly wty is putting it in a 
mild form. It is now an admitted fact 
that Dr. Johnson la getting a -firmer 
bold ob .the members, and friends of 
old' St., Paul and people arc falling in 
line on every side. . 

We are in -the midst of our spring 
rally a ad- each 'class leader hna pledged 
to see. that every member of their re- 
spective classes answer "roll call" 
April 29. ' 4 

Be sure tad hear Dr. Johnson Sunday 
nnd his appeal to itrsngera .who are wel- 
come at all-services. 

You are also invited to attend the 
Allen Christian Endeavor League. 
which meets at 0:30 each Sunday. 
Sunday school at 9:13 etch Sunday 
morning. e 

Last Suudny we enjoyed two excel- 
lent sermons, delivered by Bev. O. C. 
Mnnwell, of La Payette, Ind- Every- 
one eat with bated breath listening la- 
tently to every word that Mi from his 
li p«. ns he as ably explained to as the 
New Kingdom Jesus Christ earns to this 
earth to establish. Bev. Maxwell 
proved to us, beyond a doubt that he 
was a scholar, and that he had been 
with "Cod nnd learned of His ways." 
The ehurch waa as well pleased with 
him. that nt the regular business meet- 
ing held on Monday night, March SB, a 
call to the pastorate of the Pint Baptist 
Church wa. 'eat ended to Bev. Max well- 
In addressing the Sunday school and B. 
T; P. ,V.. Bev Maxwell sad that these 
two eaiiliaries moat first be built np 
and be fionrinhing, before we could 
kavs s good chunk. Those who wen 
nheent in ism si n treat. All rally books 
aunt positively 

day aehosL— hf. O. 

U.O.OOO {, 



AUGUST rath To 25th 

19th Biennial Session of the Supreme Lodge 

Supreme Court of Calantie and 

9th National Encampment of the 

Uniform Rank Knights of Pythias 

JurisaJctlon, N. A., S. A., E., A., A., and A' t 



Souvenir Progrnins Country Store Harbor Shop 

Restaurant Official Photos PreaaingShop 

Melons Ico Cream Chewing Gam, Pop Corn arid Candy 

And 26 more good eoncenftona and tftapldys. Address .11 commurucationi 

Headquarters Ways and Means Committee, 
Chairman Secretary 

3141 Lawton Ave. .- St. Louis, Mo. 


CABANY 13*8 

me; Lindsey 

Colored Tntics Spiritwost 

Soar can Mm what yrstt would 

like to know 
She can instruct you in all your 


r-rm, 7M a. m. 10 (:» B . o. 

6152 Miterr. Ave., - Wetaten 
. WsOttH. a w n aanun . Hediameut. aMaresd-'watasa aid St.Charlm Cars 

Wanted Colored Men 

For work at Sewer Pipe 
Works. Wages $2.35 per 
day for regular men who 
will work steadily six days 
per week. 

Skilled Men Higher Wages 

Blackmer & Post Pipe Co, 

Arsenal and Oak Hill 

Wanted Colored Men 

For work at Sewer Pipe Works. Wages 
$2.35 per day for regular men who will 
work steadily six days per week. 

Skilled Men Higher Wages 

Evens & Howard Fire Brick Co. 

52M Manchwiter Avenue. , 


Advice givra fat all I 
Life. Grv. Luck ha 


snaswatad t igi t haf, mahas 
paarasaard hananhsaaa in raaafly. 

«5. a. caowuT 

William U Hussey, proprietor of the 
Alabama Kitchen and Grill Boom, at 
103,' S. Whltttar, is ntessntiag the 
lady patron, with valuable asmvesdrs 
on Kouday nights, hack lady viaitiag 
JAa pise* oa souvenir sight |s-s eae 

W* Buy and Sell. Pup*. 
Canaries, Parrots, Etc. 

Call or writ*